Bill Radford

Country Life columnist and production editor

Bill Radford and his wife live in eastern El Paso County with a menagerie that includes a horse, mule, goats, rabbits and chickens.

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The Country Life: Colorado Springs urban homesteaders enjoy country life without the country

By: Bill Radford

A bountiful harvest from the garden. Fresh eggs daily. Goat milk.

Urban homesteaders can enjoy a significant taste of the country life without leaving the city.

The third annual Colorado Springs Urban...

The Country Life: Looking forward to winter, sort of, a little, maybe ...

By: Bill Radford

We moved to the country in the fall and that first winter came too soon; dark and cold enveloped us before we could prepare, before we had a chance to enjoy our country "estate."

Each winter since has gotten...

The Country Life: A country landscape dominated by bicycles

By: Bill RaDFORD

I've seen a variety of fences in the country - from white picket to barbed wire - but the fence in front of J.B. Burgtorf's place is one of a kind.

It's lined with bicycles.

"You'd be amazed by how...

The Country Life: Woman transformed by 'journey home, by way of the barn'

By: Bill Radford

Last summer, when I interviewed horse trainer Anna Blake about the special bond between women and horses, she mentioned her parents leaving her on top "of a big, gray mare" in place of a babysitter when she was a...

The Country Life: Who was Judge Orr and why is there a road named after him?

By: Bill Radford

In writing a column on the 100-year-old barn along Judge Orr Road in Falcon, I became curious about the man for whom the road was named: Judge James A. Orr.

The property where the barn stands once belonged...

Blog: "Fantastic Four" - the reviews are in

By: Bill Radford

The reviews are in for "Fantastic Four," starring Miles Teller, Michael B. Jordan and Kate Mara - and they're not good. Here's a sampling:


Rene Rodriguez, Miami Herald: “Fantastic Four” is so...

The Country Life: A laid-back goat joins the menagerie

By: Bill radford

Meet Chica.

Chica, a LaMancha goat, is the new companion for Nana, our other goat. Nana had been without a buddy since the death of Christmas, detailed in a previous column.

We bought Chica (then...

The Country Life: County parks offer watery reminder of Midwest

By: Bill Radford

I was raised in the Midwest - a land of lakes, rivers and creeks - so I'm always excited to find an oasis on the Colorado prairie.

At times, those discoveries have come courtesy of El Paso County's parks...