Question: Digital news clearly is growing, but The Gazette also has a strong print audience with different expectations. How do you balance these demands?

Editor Joe Hight: In today's newsroom, we have to think about platforms. We have a print platform, The Gazette, which remains the foundation of what we do. We have readers who depend on us for news, information, columns and features daily.

However, that solid foundation allows us to build and experiment with other platforms, which could build audiences today and far into the future.

Technology rapidly is changing how people interact and access information that they need and want. Mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets are being used more and more, not only to communicate but to access the world in ways unimaginable a decade ago.

As a news organization, we must constantly be thinking about using online, mobile, video, interactive data and guides, social media and other means to reach our current audience as well as untapped ones. But we cannot ignore that one of those platforms, print, is still important to thousands of readers - and often for myriad reasons.

We have to think how to use resources and research to pinpoint areas that will make The Gazette viable in many ways and on different platforms.

I am confident that we can present news for our print readers while also reaching our audience in different ways.


This was originally published in the "Home Again" section about The Gazette's recent move to downtown. You can read more here.