Two pigs were tied up and attacked with poles at the Venetucci Farm, and the farm manager wants it to stop.

The two sows are kept near the highway on the historic 190-acre farm that is known for giving away pumpkins to local children at Halloween.

Farm manager Patrick Hamilton said he discovered the first attack the morning of March 31, when he went to feed the pigs. The larger pig suffered minor injuries. The smaller sow, 5-months-old, bore the brunt of the violence.

“I came out in the morning and noticed the smaller of the pigs had a deep, jagged laceration down her back,” Hamilton said.

It didn’t look like wounds from dogs or coyotes, and Hamilton soon found that the pigs’ portable enclosure was torn apart and a T-post from the fencing appeared to be the weapon used.

“Her head was all deformed and swollen,” Hamilton said. “The other pig got away because she was bigger and ran through the electric fence.”

Monday morning, Hamilton discovered that the pigs had been attacked again. The small sow’s back legs were tied together, and now she’s limping.

“She can’t put weight on her right back leg, so we don’t know if she’ll ever be able to do that or if we’ll have to put her down in a few weeks,” he said.

“We just never figured somebody would be doing the things that they are … to abuse them.”

He fears the second attack might have been more depraved than the first.

“You might think it’s out there but I don’t know if it’s a sexual thing or what,” Hamilton said. “I have to wonder why the back legs were tied together. We are a warped community.”

Hamilton is hoping for help from the community. If anyone saw suspicious activity from the highway or has any information, he asks that they contact the El Paso County Sheriff's department at 390-5555. Hamilton said he will offer a reward to anyone who helps identify the attackers.