ENGLEWOOD – Before taking any questions at his first press conference since last Thursday, Denver Broncos coach Josh McDaniels interrupted reporters so he could issue an apology for his profanity that aired on the NFL Network.

McDaniels was yelling at offensive players on the sideline during Thursday’s game against the New York Giants, and his rant was caught by a NFL Network microphone. The expletive was aired without being bleeped during the live broadcast.

“I certainly didn’t intend for that to come across in that fashion,” McDaniels said. “I hope that never happens again. I’ll try my best to make sure it doesn’t, from my end.”

After the game McDaniels said he was unaware of the incident, and brushed it off, saying “That’s their business,” referring to the NFL Network. With some more time to think about it, he felt it was necessary to apologize.

“Anyone that was offended by that, young or old, that’s not the example I want to set or we want to set here with the Broncos organization,” McDaniels said.