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Regional wrestling results

February 16, 2013 Updated: July 3, 2013 at 9:26 am
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Regional wrestling results from area teams for first round and quarterfinals.

5a region 2

At Doherty

1. Pine Creek 95.5, 2. Mountain Range 78, 3. Arvada West 70, 5. Fountain-Ft. Carson 60.5, 6. Doherty 52.5, 9. Palmer 33, 12. Liberty 11, 15. Rampart

106: 1st Rnd—S. Truong (PAL) pinned Rtoh (RAM) 3:00, SAndoval (AW) pinned Martin (LIB) 1:01, Maez (MR) pinned Redling (FFC) 1:00, Williams (PC) pinned Stephan (FC) 1:30. Quarters—Colebank (MV) dec. S. Truong 10-16, Williams maj. dec. Seger (GW) 11-16. Cons

113: 1st Rnd—Garcia (DOH) pinned Cedano (FFC) 5:15, Romero (MR) tech fall Dowell (LIB) 16-0, Harp (LAK) pinned Kolgraff (PAL) 1:34, Hildenbrandt (PC) received a bye, Cardenas (GRA) pinned Peltier (RAM) 1:39. Quarters—Romero maj. dec. Garcia 11-2, Hildenbrandt sudden victory 1 Harp 1 9-7.

120: 1st Rnd—Love (RC) pinned Schwab (PC) 3:25, Hammarmeister (DOH) pinned over Edens (RAM) 5-14, Nash (PAL) received a bye, Martinez (MR) maj. dec. Eckstom (FFC) 11-3. Quarters—Hammarmeister (DOH) pinned Nash 3:47.

126: 1st Rnd—Gonzales (DOH) received a bye, Mason (FFC) pinned Forrest (MV) 1:09, Frye PC) pinned Heifetz (RC) 1:25, Poulus (LIB) pinned Rios 0:34. Quarters—Gonzales dec. Mason 3-2, Frye dec. Poulus 11-7.

132: 1st Rnd—Stutts (DOH) received a bye, Pellow (PAL) received a bye, Cos (PC) pinned Kahler (MR) 3:55, Wood (FFC) maj. dec. Ainsworth (LIB) 16-2. Quarters—Pachello (AW) pinned Stutts 2:46, Cos maj. dec. Pellow 11-0, Wood tech fall Nickle (LAK) 17-1.

138: 1st Rnd—Martinez (PC) pinned Meskel (LAK) 1:29, Brown (GRA) pinned Vradenburg (FFC) 3:44, G. Truong (PAL) received a bye, Hayes (DOH) pinned Stewart (LEG) 0:21, Hartley (LIB) received a bye. Quarters—Martinez pinned Fisher (FC) 1:18, G. Truong dec. Brown 8-3, Hayesdec. Hartley 7-5.

145: 1st Rnd—Ortiz (PC) received a bye, Benford (FFC) pinned Sharif (DOH) 1:53, Cordova (LAK) maj. dec. MacDonald (RAM) 13-2, Sigley (LIB) received a bye, Pellow (PAL) pinned Jon (FC) 2:42. Quarters—Ortiz dec. Thomas0Trujillo (AW) 14-9, Romero (MR) dec. Benford 13-11, Cordova dec. Sigley 3-2, Pellow maj. dec. Lee (MV) 10-0.

152: 1st Rnd—Boerner (MR) pinned Perking (RAM) 0:45, Havens (DOH) dec. Burns (LIB) 11-4, Miller (FFC) dec. Waldner (PAL) 17-13, Smith (PC) pinned McNally 1:20. Quarters—Dunnum (FC) maj. dec. Havens 9-0, Smith pinned Miller 3:00.

160: 1st Rnd—Supernaw (DOH) pinned Cummings (RAM) 3:05, Geers (MR) pinned Littrell (FFC) 4:55, Peters (RC) dec. Springsteen (LIB) 6-5, Campbell (PC) received a bye, Brown (GRA) pinned Matthews (PAL) 1:59. Quarters—Supernaw tech fall Olaka (GW) 15-0, Campbell pinned Brown (GRA) 5:44.

170: 1st Rnd—Mattison (DOH) dec. McArthur (MR) 5-4, Baca (LAK) dec. Oskvarek (LIB) 7-1, Lightfield (FFC) received a bye, Ortiz (PC) tech Van Horn (PAL) 15-0. Quarters—McConnell (FC) maj. dec. Mattison 12-4, Lightfield pinned Baca 1:42, Silva0Bussey (AW) pinned Ortiz 2:32.

182: 1st Rnd—Mahan (DOH) received a bye, Bancroft (MV) dec. Nelson (PAL) 8-3, Beziou (LIB) received a bye, Curtis (PC) pinned Stewart 1:57, Driver (FFC) pinned Durst (GW) 0:18. Quarters—Mahan dec. Bancroft 4-2, Bezious dec. Madorsky (LIT) 4-2, Driver dec. Curtis 6-5.

195: 1st Rnd—Forney (MR) pinned White (PAL) 1:46, Jones (RAM) received a bye, List (PC) pinned Galicia (AW) 0:27, Johnson (LIB) recieved a bye, Hancock (FFC) received a bye. Quarters—Jones maj. dec. Forney 12-2, List pinned Vinyard (LEG) 1:36, Hancock pinned Johnson 0:57.

220: 1st Rnd—Heiman (FC) pinned Wynn (PC) 1:57, McKinley (RAM) received a bye, Schoenberger (FFC) pinned Huff (PAL) 0:19. Quaters—Smith (GRA) tech fall McKinley 15-0, Schoenberger dec. Hubbard (AW) 5-2.

285: 1st Rnd—Jones (FFC) received a bye, Medina (PC) received a bye, Sullivan (PAL) received a bye. Quarters—Gonzales (LAK) pinned Jones 1:17, Vigil-Harrison (GRA) pinned Medina 4:36, Sullivan pinned Davis (MV) 5:29.

5a Region 4

At Standley Lake

1. Chaparral 79, 2. Fruita Monument 78.5, 3. Coronado 76.5

106: 1st Rnd—Watson (COR) pinned Rhoton (HIN) 1:20. Quarters—Watson tech fall Konrad (FM) 19-3.

113: 1st Rnd—Hankin (COR) received a bye. Hanking pinned Solis (SL) 1:17.

120: 1st Rnd—Cordova (COR) pinned White (GAT) 0:32. Quarters—Cordova maj. dec. Reynolds (GJ) 19-6.

126: 1st Rnd—Cruz (COR) received a bye. Quarters—Curz pinned Romjin (BOU) 3:03.

138: 1st Rnd—Merlos (WES) OT Schwab (COR) 8-6. Quarters—Schwab received a bye.

145: 1st Rnd—Zunich (COR) received a bye. Quarters—Trueblood (GAT) dec. Zunich 8-1.

152: 1st Rnd—West (COR) dec. Williams 12-6. Quarters—BenQadi (GAT) dec. West 9-3.

160: 1st Rnd—Pina (COR) received a bye. Quarters—Pina maj. dec. Hiler (GJ) 12-0.

170: 1st Rnd—Cote (COR) pinned Lopez (GAT) 2:40. Quarters—Cote dec. Wizlach 2-0.

182: 1st Rnd—Young (FR) dec. Kay (COR) 4-2. Quarters—Kay pinned Gut (SL) 0:58.

195: 1st Rnd—Smith (COR) received a bye. Quarters—Pauli (GJ) dec. Smith 4-1.

220: 1st Rnd—Strabala (COR) received a bye. Quarters—Strabala (COR) dec. Chatfield 5-0.

285: 1st Rnd—Hunt (COR) received a bye. Quarters—Hunt pinned Walton (GJ) 3:52.

4a Region 1

At Discovery Canyon

1. Discovery Canyon 108, 2. Pueblo South 97, 3. Mesa Ridge 78, 4. Air Academy 65, 5. Canon City 56.5, 8. Cheyenne Mountain 50, T9. Sand Creek 40, T9. Woodland Park 40, 11. Lewis-Palmer 38, 12. Widefield 36.5, 14. Vista Ridge 30, 15. Mitchell 24.5, 16. Harrison 21, 17. Wasson 16

106: 1st Rnd—I. Feign (CM) maj. dec. D. Cea (AA) 14-0, A. Oberndorfer (LP) Bye, A. Arreguin-Almanza (MIT) pinned T. Knockel (SC) 1:36, S. Turner (DC) Bye, C. Conklin (WAS) Bye, S. Ready (CC) Bye, P. Valdez (MR) pinned A. Orosco (HAR) 0:49. Cons. Round 2 — D. Cea (AA) dec. S. Ready (CC) 2-1, C. Conklin (WAS) pinned T. Knockel (SC) 2:11, A. Oberndorfer (LP) Bye, I. Feign (CM) pinned A. Orosco (HAR) 1:12. Quarters & 1st WB (16 Man)— M. Ramirez (PUES) maj. dec.I. Feign 11-0, A Arreguin-Almanza, pinned A. Oberndorfer (LP) 5:01, S. Turner tech fall C. Conklin 19-2, Quarters Cons. 1st Rnd — P. Valdez (MR) pinned S. Ready (CC) 1:31, D. Cea (AA) Bye, T. Knockel (SC) Bye, A. Orosco (HAR) Bye.

113: 1st Rnd—B. Gonzalez (MR) Bye, T. Reynolds (DC) pinned P. Holman (CC) 2:38, N. Cimino (CM) Bye, D. Baxter (PUES) pinned A. Hernandez (HAR) 3:33, L. Stubbs (VR) maj. dec. K. Guerra (WDF) 16-5, B. Kadlubowski (LP) dec. over A. Trujillo (PUEE) 5-4, T. Hancock (WP) dec. L. Burgess (AA) 5-1, C. McElfresh (MIT) Bye. Quarters— B. Gonzalez (MR) dec. T. Reynolds 13-7, D. Baxter pinned N. Cimino 5:35, L. Stubbs dec. B. Kadlubowski 6-4, C. McElfresh maj. dec. T. Hancock 18-5.

120: 1st Rnd—AJ Rees (DC) 29-1 pinned D Norris (MIT) 0:36, A. Espinoza (PUEC) received a bye, J. Schipper (CC) pinned J. Villafan (VR) 1:54, L. Sanchez (MR) pinned M. Sanger (WP) 2:39, H. Milner (AA) pinned M. Joseph (CM) 5:44, A. Carrera (PUEE) maj. dec. T. Wilch (LP) 9-1, S. Quintanna (WDF) received a bye, M. Martinez (PUES) pinned L. Kohler (WAS) 1:09. Quarters—AJ Rees pinned A. Espinoza (PUEC) 0:45, J. Schipper pinned L. Sanchez 3:10, A. Carrera (PUEE) dec. H. Milner 9-3, M. Martinez (PUES) pinned S. Quintanna :34, D. Norris received a bye, M. Sanger won in tie breaker J. Villafan 1 11-10, M. Joseph pinned T. Wilch (LP) 2:54, L. Kohler (WAS) received a bye.

126: 1st Rnd—B. Amond (CM) pinned L.Gutierrez (HAR) :19, J. Apadoca (SC) pinned R. Garcia (CC) 2:24, K. Regenor (DC) pinned R. Bohenna (VR) 1:28, T. Viles (PUEW) pinned D. Roettger (MR) 0:29, D. Vaderpool (LP) pinned T. Conklin (WAS) 1:08, P. Grubb (PCTY) dec. A. Martinez (WF) 5-4, P. Hanenberg (AA) pinned J. Montoya (PUES) 1:57. Quarters— B. Amond pinned J. Apadoca 1:47, K. Regenor dec. T. Fair (PUEE) 7-1, T. Viles dec. D. Vaderpool 8-4, P. Hanenberg pinned P. Grubb 1:20, R. Garcia pinned L. Gutierrez (HAR) 1:36, R. Bohenna received a bye, T. Conklin (WAS) maj. dec. D. Roettger 16-4, A. Martinez pinned J. Montoya (PUES) 3:32.

132: 1st Rnd— S. Turner (DC) pinned Fonseca (PCTY) :35, N. Butler (AA) pinned Coffey (CC) 3:01, A. Adair (WP) Received a Bye, B. Zerr (CM) dec. Valdez (PUEE) 8-6, Myers (PUEW) tech. fall A. Bristow (SC) 17-0, B. Gonzales (WAS) pinned N. Shopp (MIT) 1:13, M. Hogue (WDF) pinned D. Shreve (MR) 5:56, I. Naro (PS) pinned Sypher (LP) 1:34. 2nd Wrestleback (16 Man). Quaters— S. Turner pinned N. Butler 1:39, B. Zerr dec. A. Adair 7-3, T. Myers pinned B. Gonzales 3:07, I. Naro pinned Hogue :59.

138: 1st Rnd— J. Wilson (WF) pinned D. Holmes (VR) 4:43, D. Kudel (HAR) dec. K. Arnold (DC) 8-6, G. Guess (CC) dec. R. Hughes (AA) 5-3, N. Rykerd (LP) dec. D. Trujillo (PUES) 10-5, M. McFadden (CM) pinned J. Mathews (MIT) 1:02, D. Crow (MR) pinned A. Atencio (WAS) :41, J. Morgan (WP) dec. K. Selman (PCTY) 12-6, E. Romero (PUEW) pinned E. Benavidez (PUEE) 2:22. Quarters— J. Wilson pinned D. Kudel :39, N. Rykerd (LP) pinned G. Guess 3:18, M. McFadden pinned D. Crow 1:44, E. ROmero pinned J. Morgan 1:57.

145: 1st Rnd— T. Oberg (DC) pinned D. Hernandez (PCTY) 1:04, A. Sherril (SC) dec. A. Sethman (AA) 7-3, B. Brown (WDF) received a bye, A. Zuniga (PUES) pinned Corbett (WP) 1:02, A. Milbrandt (CR) pinned M. Ceasar-Lopez (CM) :51, A. Kelly (CC) pinned C. Green (LP) 3:30, D. Hughes (MR) pinned S. COx (HAR) 1:07. Quarters— T. Oberg pinned A. Sherril 3:26, A. Zuniga pinned B. Brown 6:00, A. Heim won by disqualification A. Mildbrandt, D. Hughes maj. dec. A. Kelly 9-0.

152: 1st Rnd— K. Willits (PCTY) pinned Cheyney (MIT) :59, D. Dombaugh (AA) dec. R. Anderson (LP) 7-6, E. Lpez (WAS) maj. dec. Sam Garner (WP) 19-5, W. Becwar (MR) pinned M. Contreras (HAR) 3:18, M. Espinoza (PUES) pinned J. Patterson (PUEW) 2:38, W. Blake (WDF) maj. dec. M. Angelo (CC) 21-11, J. Burbach (DC) pinned C. Mann (VR) 2:21, J. Jaquess (SC) tech. fall D. Griffin (PUEE) 15-0.Quarters— K. Willits pinned D. Dombaugh 1:52, W. Becwar dec. E. Lopez 8-7, M. Espinoza pinned W. Blake 3:04, J. Burbach (DC) dec. J. Jaquess 5-4.

160: 1st Rnd— R. Chishold (WP) received a bye, E. Metcalf (SC) pinned W. Collins (WAS) 4:37, J. Trujillo (WF) pinned M. Brines (LP) 1:07, C. Egli (AA) pinned C. McMillion (VR) 1:03, R. Ray (DC) received a bye, J. Hopkins (PUEE) pinned D. Fontenot (CC) 2:43, M. Chavez (PUES) pinned J. Jones (MR) 3:52.Quarters— T. Chisholm pinned E. Metcalf 1:25, C. Egli dec. J. Trujillo 5-3, R. Ray pinned L. Lanier 3:34, M. Chavez pinned J. Hopkins 2:56.

170: 1st Rnd— A. Mack (DC) bye, T. Dexter (CC) pinned T. Leblanc (VR) 2:51, E. Urquijo (SC) pinned K. Davis (Wide) 2:40, J. Smith (WP) pinned J. Medeiros (PW) 0:51, S. Berg (MR) bye, J. Glenn (LP) pinned R. Sabin (Har) 2:42, R. Martinez (PS) pinned E. Santana (Mit) 3:48, C. Cuneio (AA) bye. Quarters— A. Mack pinned T. Dexter 1:06, E. Urquijo dec. J. Smith 3-1, J. Glenn dec. S. Berg 12-6, C. Cuneio maj. dec. R. Martinez 11-3.

182: 1st Rnd— T. Stanley (MR) pinned T. Smart (PS) 0:34, J. Palmer (DC) pinned L. Bautista (AA) 3:38, T. Molinero (PC) tech. fall P. Halaseh (SC) 15-0, A. Abbott (CC) pinned J. Shreve (WP) 0:45, J. Sims (Har) dec. A. Atencio (Was) 10-3, K. Bludworth (PW) pinned J. Antencio (Wide) 2:57, J. Hawthorne (VR) bye. Quarters—T. Stanley dec. J. Palmer 24-13, A. Abbott maj. dec. J. Sims 14-0, J. Hawthorne pinned K. Bludworth 4:51.

195: 1st Rnd— D. Traynor (DC) bye, F. Rodriguez (PE) dec. C. Killis (CC) 11-6, D. Strover (Har) pinned J. Bishop (SC) 0:25, J. Garrett (MR) bye, C. Graner (WP) pinned S. Severance (VR) 1:47, B. Self (AA) bye. Quarters—D. Traynor pinned F. Rodriguez 0:35, D. Strover pinned T. Encinias (PW) 4:07, J. Garrett dec. C. Graner 8-2, B. Self dec. T. Gersick (PS) 8-2.

220: 1st Rnd— G. Benell (CC) bye, A. Steward (MR) bye, D. Wolski (VR) bye, M. Bosseler (DC) bye, W. Madrano (Wide) dec. G. Diaz 3-2. Quarters—G. Benell pinned B. Martin (PW) 2:41, K. Hardwick (PC) dec. A. Stewart 17-10, D. Wolski pinned M. Bosseler 1:12, H. Reinert (PS) pinned W. Madrano 1:07.

285: 1st Rnd— T. Laulu (SC) pinned E. Fresquez (PS) 0:58, S. Bradshaw (CC) Bye, T. Rydzynski (MR) bye, J. Robles (PE) pinned B. Hallman (VR) 0:32, B. Dabney (CM) bye, N. Duiker (DC) dec. L. Fowler (LP) 5-4, J. Petrash (AA) bye. Quarters—T. Laulu pinned S. Bradshaw 4:40, T. Rydzynski pinned M. Finn (PC) 2:21, B. Dabney pinned J. Robles 5:19, J. Petrash dec. N. Duiker 1-0.

4A Region 3

1. Broomfield 118, 2. Thomas Jefferson 68.5, 3. Pueblo Central 67, 6. Palmer Ridge 50

At Mullen

106: 1st Rnd— I. Martinez (DENN) dec. C. Rhodine (PR) 6-4. Quarters & 1st WB (16 Man)

113: 1st Rnd— R. Thalhammer (PR) received a bye. Quarters— R. Thalhammer tech. fall Z. Pedrick (ELZ) 22-7.

120: 1st Rnd— M. Fera (CON) pinned B. Begier (PR) 5:24.

132: 1st Rnd— M. Brierton (PR) tech. fall T. Clark (WH) 15-0. Quarters— T. Wolf (CON) dec. M. Brierton (PR) 8-6.

138: 1st Rnd— T. Thalhammer (PR) received a bye. Quarters— T. Thalhammer pinned A. Ruiz (DENW) 1:35.

145: 1st Rnd— E. Guy (PR) received a bye. Quarters— E. Guy (PR) pinned K. Mirco (DENW) 3:20.

160: 1st Rnd— A. Bryan (PR) tech. fall K. Ortiz (DENN) 19-4. Quarters— A. Bryan dec. K. Paredes (ELZ) 11-5.

170: 1st Rnd— J. Romero (PR) received a bye. Quarters— C. Polson (VC) pinned J. Romero (PR) 1:55

195: 1st Rnd — P. Versey (PR) received a bye. Quarters— P. Versey pinned C. Padilla (DENW) :42.

4A Region 4

At Montrose

1. Thompson Valley 118.5, 2. Pueblo Centennial 98.5, 3. Montrose 76.0, 7. Falcon 63.0, 16. Sierra 11.0

106: 1st Rnd—T. Banuelos (MON) pinned B. Son (FAL) 1:19. Cons. 1st Rnd - B. Son (FAL) win by forfeit.

113: 1st Rnd—D. Reese (FAL) pinned C. Ebler (RIF). Quarter—E. Sandoval (MON) pinned D. Reese (FAL) 0:47.

120: 1st Rnd—F. Morales (BM) pinned O. Rosa (FAL) 3:03. Cons. 1st Rnd - O. Rosa (FAL)win by forfeit.

126: 1st Rnd—C. Dillon (DUR) pinned E. Ochoa (SIE) 3:12. Cons. 1st Rnd — E. Ochoa (SIE) win by forfeit.

132: 1st Rnd—T. Williams (TV) pinned B. Fegerson (SIE) 1:36. Cons. 1st Rnd — B. Fergerson (SIE) win by forfeit.

138: 1st Rnd— D. Rohrig (RIF) pinned A. Sablan (SIE) 0:37. Cons. 1st Rnd — A. Sablan win by forfeit.

145: 1st Rnd — J. Ramos (MC) tech falled J. Cruz (SIE) 19-4; H. Ruelas (RIF) dec. J. Lynch (FAL) 11-8. Cons. 1st Rnd — J. Lynch (FAL) pinned J. Cruz (SIE) 4:04

152: 1st Rnd — C. Miranda (PC) pinned T. Perry (SIE) 1:23; C. Soulka (FAL) pinned T. Hageman (MC) 1:59. Quarters — C. Soulka (FAL) tech falled E. Wilson (PAL) 16-0. Cons. 1st Rnd— H. Aguirre (BM) pinned T. Perry (SIE) 2:17.

160: 1st Rnd— K. Soulka (FAL) tech falled D. Wallace (SS) 16-1; M Velasquez (MON) pinned E. Garcia. Quarters — K. Soulka (FAL) maj dec. D. Ward (EV) 13-4. Cons. 1st Rnd— T. Blackford pinned E. Garcia (SIE) 0:35.

170: 1st Rnd— J. Barham (GS) pinned B. Norris (SIE) 0:41; J. Barrson (FAL) pinned C. Matias (ALA) 0:47. Quarters — J. Barron (FAL) dec. C O’Brien (SS) 8-5. Cons. 1st Rnd— P. Cunnion (DUR) pinned B. Norris (SIE) 0:19.

182: 1st Rnd— D. Eusea (TV) pinned A. Lagorio (FAL) 3:37. Cons. 1st Rnd — A. Lagorio (FAL) win by forfeit.

195: 1st Rnd— J. Sanchez (EV) pinned S. DeAlba (SIE) 2:49; C. Wallace (FAL) win by forfeit. Quarters— C. Wallace (FAL) dec. E. Madrid (GS) 8-3. Cons. 1st Rnd— S. DeAlba (SIE) win by forfeit.

220: 1st Rnd— N. Smith (FAL) pinned E. Fregoso (SIE) 1:10. Quarters— D. Gustavson (DUR) pinned N. Smith (FAL) 2:40. Cons. 1st Rnd— E. Fregoso (SIE) win by forfeit.

285: 1st Rnd— D. Dunblazer (FAL) win by forfeit; A. Bell (SIE) pinned M. Garcia (DEL) 1:23. Quarters— C. Sittig (SS) pinned A. Bell (SIE) 1:18; D. Miller (PC) pinned D. Dunblazer (FAL) 2:48.

3A Region 3

At Jefferson

1. Lamar 89, 2. Sheridan 68, 3. TCA 67, 7. Ellicott 30

106: 1st Rnd—R. Francis (TCA) received a bye. Quarters—R. Francis pinned D. Lawrence (Jefferson).

113: 1st Rnd—J. Birch (TCA) pinned C. Colle (Clear Creek) 3:19; R. Munoz (Ellicott) received a bye. Quarters—J. Birch (TCA) dec. J. Juth (Bennett) 6-4.

120: 1st Rnd—N. Johnston (TCA) received a bye. Quarters—N. Johnston pinned M. McNeil 0:51.

126: 1st Rnd—C. Baker (TCA) received a bye. Quarters—C. Baker maj. dec. I. Espinoza (La Junta) 14-4.

132: 1st Rnd—S. Raphael (TCA) maj. dec. Z. Kane (Lamar) 15-1. S. Hietmann (Ellicott) received a bye. Quarters—J. Miller (Bennett) pinned S. Raphael 2:29; A. Contreraz (Sheridan) pinned S. Hietmann (Ellicott) 1:09. Consolation Rnd 2—S. Hietmann pinned Z. Kane 1:25; S. Raphael received a bye.

138: 1st Rnd—A. Register (TCA) received a bye; C. Morales (Ellicott) received a bye. Quarters—A. Register pined J. McKeon (Platte Canyon) 1:54; D. Adame (Lamar) maj. dec. C. Morales 8-0. Consolation Rnd 2—C. Morales (Ellicott) received a bye.

145: 1st Rnd—F. Hermosillo (Ellicott) received a bye; J. Pearce (Sheridan) pinned C. Ortiz (TCA) 1:02. Quarters—F. Hermosillo pinned M. Rodela (Jefferson) 1:18. Consolation 1st Rnd—C. Ortiz received a bye. Consolation Rnd 2—E. Aragon (La Junta) dec. C. Ortiz 9-2.

152: 1st Rnd—M. Morales (Lamar) dec. S. Chandler (Ellicott) 12-7; Z. Johns (TCA) received a bye. Quarters—Z. Johns maj. dec. M. Morales 13-3. Consolation 1st Rnd—S. Chandler received a bye. Consolation Rnd 2—A. Apodaca (Sheridan) pinned S. Chandler 2:55.

160: 1st Rnd—R. Morales (Ellicott) received a bye. Quarters—R. Morales received a bye.

170: 1st Rnd—B. Schainost (Ellicott) received a bye; B. Hinds (TCA) received a bye. Quarters—C. Copeland (Bennett) pinned B. Schainost 0:30; B. Hinds dec. P. Salas (La Junta) 1-0. Consolation Rnd 2—B. Schainost received a bye.

182: 1st Rnd—J. Eisenhardt (TCA) dec. D. Howe (Ellicott) 2-0. Quarters—K. Hicks (Lamar) pinned J. Eisenhardt 0:37. Consolation 1st Rnd—D. Howe (Ellicott) received a bye. Consolation Rnd 2—J. Eisenhardt received a bye; D. Ozzello (Platte Canyon) pinned D. Howe 1:30.

3A Region 4

At Monte Vista

1. Centauri 85.5, 2. Alamosa 79, 3. Monte Vista 68.5, T6. Florence 50, 8. CSCS 34, 10. Manitou Springs 28, 11. St. Mary’s 14

106 pounds: 1st Rnd — J. Bedford (CSC) win by forfeit. Quarters—D. Garcia (MV) pinned J. Bedford (CSC) 2:00

113: 1st Rnd—D. Bellino (FLO) pinned D. Lindberg (PS) 0:41; P Huguenin (CSC) win by forfeit. Quarters—D. Bellino (FLO) pinned T. Winch (BAY) 3:15; X. Solis (DHP) pinned P. Huguenin (CSC) 1:28 .

120: 1st Rnd— C. Boehm (FLO) win by forfeit; B. Follett (CSC) win by forfeit; M. Payce (MS) win by forfeit. Quarters—A. Martinez (CEN) tech. falled C. Boehm (FLO) 27-12; B Follett (CSC) tech. falled G. Burk (MV) 18-2.

126: 1st Rnd—R. Michelson (CSC) win by forfeit; J. Yslas (FLO) win by forfeit; E. Coombs (CEN) pinned J. Paradis (MS) 3:53; J. Alejandro (SM) win by forfeit. Quarters—C. McMenimen (BAY) tech. falled R. Michelson (CSC) 16-0; C. Talladay (DHP) dec. J. Yslas (FLO); E. Coombs (CEN) pinned J. Alejandro (SM) 3:25; J. Paradis (MS) win by forfeit .

132: 1st Rnd—T. Bunguard (FLO) win by forfeit; R. Carpenter (MS) win by forfeit; C. Craddock (CSC) win by forfeit; C. Martin (CEN) pinned J. Dammann(SM) 0:40. Quarters—K. Kelley (ALA) pinned T. Bunguard (FLO) 1:04; C. Martin pinned R. Carpenter (MS) 4:26; D. Borunda (MV) maj. dec. C. Craddock (CSC) 12-1; J. Dammann (SM) win by forfeit.

138: 1st Rnd— D. James (FLO) win by forfeit; D. Rhodes (BAY) maj. dec. T. Hocking (CSC) 10-2; J. Bartlett (MS) win by forfeit. Quarters—D. Rhodes (BAY) dec. D. James (FLO) 5-4; B. Heredia (ALA) dec. J. Bartlett (MS) 9-2

145: 1st Rnd—D. Yeager (FLO) pinned S. Vangampleare (SM) 3:57; L. Swanda (MS) pinned J. Lopez (MV) 2:10; C. Craddock (CSC) pinned B. Madrid (TRI) 3:04. Quarters—J. Buhr (CEN) pinned D. Yeager (FLO) 3:04; L. Swanda (MS) pinned K. Archuleta (PS) 5:10; C. Craddock (CSC) tech. falled N. Eurioste (DHP) 20-4; S. Vangampleare (SM) win by forfeit.

152: 1st Rnd—S. Sandoval (FLO) win by forfeit; J. Richardson (CEN) pinned T. Burgwald (SM) 1:07; R. Anderson (CSC) win by forfeit; B. Ryan (MS) win by forfeit. Quarters—S. Sandoval (FLO) pinned J. Richardson (CEN) 2:45; C. Snow (PS) pinned R. Anderson (CSC) 1:41; J. Gallegos (DHP) pinned B. Ryan (MS) 4:32.

160: 1st Rnd—O. Archuleta (MS) win by forfeit; C. Krautschun (CSC) win by forfeit; L. Masar (FLO) win by forfeit; Z. Bernal (ALA) dec. D. King (SM) 8-1. Quarters—M. Keys pinned O. Archuleta (MS) 3:15; C. Krautschun (CSC) maj. dec. C. Purcell (PS) 12-1; L. Masar (FLO) maj. dec. R. Atencio (DHP) 10-0; D. King (SM) win by forfeit.

170: 1st Rnd—All byes, Quarters—M. Garcia (DHP) pinned M. Snow (CSCS) 3:01, C. Aguirre (Ala) pinned A. Brooks (MS) 3:22, M. Shelton (PS) pinned C. Veatch (Flo) 0:44.

182: 1st Rnd—All byes, Quarters—G. Robinson pinned C. Bedford (CSCS) 1:02, M. Goodman (Bay) pinned S. Morgan (Flo) 2:41.

195: 1st Rnd—N. Titcomb (MS) bye, A. Rodriguez (Flo) bye, C. Wille (SM) pinned B. Garcia (DHP) 0:22. Quarters—N. Titcomb pinned A. Rodriguez 3:36, C. Wille pinned M. Barnes (MV) 3:47.

220: 1st Rnd—All byes. Quarters—C. Ward (Flo) bye.

285: 1st Rnd—All byes. Quarters—M. Keane (SM) bye, K. Tuttle (Flo) pinned B. Ratcliffe (Ala) 5:02.

2A Region 3

At Northeastern J.C.

1. Highland 82.5, 2. Wray 66, 3. Sedwick-Fleming 60.5, T12. Miami-Yoder 3

106: 1st Rnd—N. Rivera (Miami-Yoder) received a bye. Quarters—W. Hickman (Lyons) pinned N. Rivera 2:17. Consolation Rnd 2—N. Rivera (Miama-Yoder) received a bye.

113: 1st Rnd—H. Holtorf (Yuma) pinned D. Hogan (Miami-Yoder) 1:44. Consolation 1st Rnd—D. Hogan (Miami-Yoder) received a bye.

120: 1st Rnd—A. Shino (Merino) received a bye. Quarters—D. Eldringhoff (Byers) pinned O. LeFever (Wray) 3:07.

126: 1st Rnd—R. Tarin (Wray) pinned D. Underwood (Stratton) 1:19. Quarters—R. Tarin pinned F. Lopez (Holyoke) 1:07.

132: 1st Rnd—S. Harrington (Sedgwick County-Fleming) received a bye. Quarters—L. Brown (Yuma) dec. J. Hastings (Merino) 3-1.

138: 1st Rnd—K. Trujillo (Highland) received a bye. Quarters—K. Trujillo pinned C. Allison (Sedgwick County-Fleming) 3:27

145: 1st Rnd—J. Price (Highland) pinned A. Conger (Merino) 2:50. Quarters—J. Price tech. falled N. Duvall (Sedgwick-Fleming) 19-4.

152: 1st Rnd—C. Schulz (Wray) pinned A. Harness (Miami-Yoder) 0:33. Consolation 1st Rnd—A. Harness received a bye.

160: 1st Rnd—J. Fraire (Sedgwick County-Fleming) received a bye. Quarters—J. Fraire tech falled M. Ewrtz (Wiggins) 16-1.

170: 1st Rnd—T. Groves (Wray) received a bye. Quarters—J. Hickman (Lyons) maj. dec. T. Groves 15-5

182: 1st Rnd— M. VanDuran (Sedgwick County-FLeming) received a bye. Quarters—M. VanDuran (Sedgwick County-Fleming) pinned B. Croy (Highland) 1:00

195: 1st Rnd—J. Hermosillo (Holyoke) pinned T. Mosher (Miami-Yoder) 0:51. Quarters—J. Hermosillo pinned L. Korf (Yuma) 1:33.

220: 1st Rnd—L. Davis (Sedgwick County-Fleming) pinned K. Chaparro (Miami-Yoder) 0:41. Quarters—D. Kotch (Holyoke) dec. T. Elliott (Merino) 5-2.

285: 1st Rnd—K. Sameshima (Highland) received a bye. Quarters—K. Sameshima pinned DJ Snelling (Yuma) 0:33.

2a Region 4

1. Baca County 77, 2. Swink 65, 3. Rocky Ford 45, 9. Peyton 21, T15. Calhan 3, T15. Hanover 3, 17. CSDB 0

106: 1st Rnd—T. Claman (Peyton) received a bye. Quarters—M. Fernandez (Las Animas) maj. dec. T. Claman 15-5.

113: 1st Rnd—N. Belcher (Hanover) received a bye. Quarters—A. Coy (Swink) tech falled N. Belcher 17-2.

120: 1st Rnd—D. Pekola (Peyton) received a bye. Quarters—D. Pelkola pinned J. Barella-Valdez (Swink) 0:41.

126: 1st Rnd—C. Bangs (Peyton) received a bye; M. Torres Jr. (Burlington) pinned K. Costello (CSDB) 1:55; N. Ferris (Swink) tech falled M. Kelly (Calhan) 16-1. Quarters—A. Baca (Rocky Ford) pinned C. Bangs 3:46

132: 1st Rnd—B. Denton (Swink) dec. C. Smith (Calhan) 6-1. Quarters—G. Hornung (Burlington) maj. dec. L. Lofilin (Baca County) 11-3.

138: 1st Rnd—J. Drew (Calhan) maj. dec. M. Kumsher (Peyton) 13-0. Quarters—C. Seemann (Baca County) pinned J. Drew 3:40.

145: 1st Rnd—J. Freeland (Calhan) received a bye. Quarters—C. Wills (Kiowa) pinned J. Freeland 1:06.

152: 1st Rnd—A. Stengel (Rocky Ford) received a bye. Quarters—A. Palmer (Holly) dec. T. Daughenbaugh (Kiowa) 8-2

160: 1st Rnd—B. Castaneda (Manzanola) pinned M. Dillonaire (Peyton) 1:04; D. Sauceda (Rocky Ford) dec. J. Ellis (Calhan) 6-4. Quarters—T. Weirch (Eads) pinned D. Fisher (Burlington) 0:37.

170: 1st Rnd—R. Lancaster (Peyton) received a bye. Quarters—D. Renner (Cheyenne Wells) dec. R. Lancaster 7-2.

182: 1st Rnd—T. Brown (Peyton) received a bye. Quarters—T. Brown pinned N. Belcher (Hanover) 0:48.

195: 1st Rnd—J. Loflin (Baca County) received a bye. Quarters—J. Loflin received a bye.

220: 1st Rnd—T. Box (Cheyenne Wells) received a bye. Quarters—T. Box received a bye.

285: 1st Rnd—A. Kern (Cheyenne Wells) received a bye. Quarters—A. Kern received a bye.

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