It really should come as no surprise that Kevin Megyeri is one of the best baseball players in the city, and state.

He certainly has the bloodlines for it.

The Air Academy senior is 7-1, with a 1.81 ERA, and is batting .407 as he's helped the Kadets claim one of the final four spots in the 4A state bracket. In doing so, he's more than lived up to the last name that his cousins at Manitou Springs have made so familiar in the past and present.

It’s in basketball that Josh, Jesse and Chase Megyeri have staked their claim as one of the best basketball families in the city in the past decade.

“I wish Jesse and Chase would’ve kept playing baseball so I could’ve played with or against them this season,” said Kevin, who will play baseball at CSU-Pueblo. “But it was definitely a motivator to see how well my cousins were doing; it made me want to be as good as they are.”

The eldest of the Westside Megyeri clan, Josh, starred for the Mustangs from 2004-2007. He then passed the torch to little brothers Jesse and Chase. Jesse, a senior this past season, and Chase, a sophomore, led the Mustangs to a 21-5 record and a berth in the 3A state tournament.

“It’s really cool to see how great Kevin has done in baseball,” said Jesse, who averaged 20.7 points as a senior. “We used to play baseball and basketball together when we were younger; we took different routes but were both successful.”

Kevin claims that he could strike out both Jesse and Chase within five pitches if they were to dig into the batter’s box against him right now. The pair disagrees.

“I’d take him deep if I got a good pitch to hit,” joked Jesse, who, along with Chase, dropped baseball to focus on basketball.

Chase added, “he might strike me out once, but I’d come out on top if we did it a few times.”

With Kevin and Jesse (who will play basketball at Trinidad State) graduating and moving on to play in college, Chase understands the pressure that will be on him to fill the void and keep the last name going strong.

“I’ve learned a lot from watching these guys when I was younger and I think I’ll be able to handle it pretty well,” Chase said.

As good as the guys are, they all admit that Shelby, the youngest of the Manitou side, could be the best of all of them. She is between her seventh- and eighth-grade years, but the talk has already begun – starting with her family.

“Shelby is a stud and she’s going to be very successful when she gets to high school and beyond,” said Kevin, who was named first-team all-conference and to the all-state academic first team. “She could beat me in a game of HORSE right now, no doubt.”

Jesse and Chase agree. “I think I could win a game of HORSE between all five of us right now, but my little sister will be the best of all of us,” Jesse said. Chase added that “she is so tough; she will be able to live up to the hype.”