The 26th annual Colorado Springs Metro League 4A vs. 5A All-Star Game will be Friday (March 18) at Doherty. The girls' game will begin at 5 p.m. adn the boys' game is scheduled for 7 p.m.

There will be a girls' 3-point contest that begins at 3:30 p.m. and wraps with finals between games.

Doors open at 3:15 p.m.


Here are the rosters:



Coach: Jimmy Grantz, Palmer

Terrell Brown, Palmer; Chris Davis, Fountain-Fort Carson; Jalen Little, Palmer; Dominic Wright, Fountain-Fort Carson; Matt Hower, Rampart; Dylan Sisneros, Doherty; Devin Kastrup, Pine Creek; Nick Brown, Liberty; Brandon Deese, Palmer; Reggie Sampson, Doherty; Jacob Lancaster, Doherty


Coach: Russ McKinstry, Lewis-Palmer

Wesley Gordon, Sierra; Josh Scott, Lewis-Palmer; Xavier Ford, Harrison; Kendall Godley, Falcon; David Snipes, Mitchell; Eric Rayer, Coronado; Josh Smith, Sand Creek; DJ Haynes, Wasson; Jordan Scott, Lewis-Palmer; Kalen Link, Falcon; Devonte Upson, Harrison; Richie Perea, Wasson


Coach: Kelley Stewart, Pine Creek and J'on St. Clair, Doherty

Mary Miller, Palmer; Kim Cerjan, Doherty; Taylor Torres, Palmer; Angela Vigil, Doherty; Brandi Farley, Pine Creek; Macy Myers, Rampart; Shannon Kelly, Pine Creek; Michelle Brassard, Rampart; Allie Metzler, Palmer


Coaches: Bob Wingett, Air Academy; Angela Heldstab, Flacon; Autumn Sereno, Sand Creek

Kaitlyn Mileto, Mesa Ridge*; Taylor Proctor, Sand Creek; Janae Vander Ploeg, Cheyenne Mountain*; Jade McIntosh, Sand Creek; Miranda Beal, Air Academy; Connie Char, Cheyenne Mountain; Kate Louthan, Air Academy; Brittany Hernandez, Air Academy*; Nicole Herrera, Harrison; Kiah Hicks, Falcon; LaShai Powells, Mesa Ridge; Nikkita Lester, Harrison; Janniqua Thomas, Falcon

* - Selected but not able to play