1. Run the ball

This won’t be easy for the Broncos. The Steelers are the best run defense in the NFL, and it’s not a close second. But while the approach will be heavy on passing, Denver can’t be one dimensional. There will be a lot of pressure on rookie Knowshon Moreno to be effective.

2. Bring down Roethlisberger

The problem isn’t getting to Steelers quarterback Ben Roethlisberger, it’s bringing him down. Roethlisberger is big, strong and elusive, and refuses to give up on a play. When he can avoid a sack, it makes the secondary defend Pittsburgh’s receivers too long.

3. No special-teams mistakes

In each of the last three games, Denver has made at least one huge special-teams mistake, including giving up a kick return in each of the last two games. In a game that probably will be close, another major special-teams error could cost Denver the game.