ENGLEWOOD – Last week, against a Baltimore pass defense ranked in the lower half of the NFL, the Denver Broncos didn’t hit many big plays.

Denver completed only one pass longer than 17 yards, and that came in the final two minutes of a blowout. Quarterback Kyle Orton attempted 37 passes and had only 152 yards, and some wondered why the Broncos didn’t take more shots downfield.

“I think everyone is frustrated we didn’t play very well last week, and we want to try to do our job and execute better, and I’m sure if we do that the explosive plays will come,” Broncos coach Josh McDaniels said.

The Broncos offense has been heavy on short timing pass routes, with Orton finding the open man and keeping the chains moving. That has worked well, and the Broncos are 15th in the NFL in yards per pass play. When McDaniels was asked about the offense producing more big plays, he referred to past success.

“We’ve done that this year at times,” McDaniels said. “There’s been other times we didn’t.”

The problems with the Broncos' offense at Baltimore were multifold, which contributed to the lack of big plays.

“I don’t think anybody on offense could be satisfied with their play,” Orton said. “We didn’t pass the ball. We didn’t run the ball. We didn’t block them. We didn’t do anything.”