ENGLEWOOD – Elvis Dumervil’s timing is pretty good. The Denver Broncos outside linebacker is having a phenomenal start to the season just before his contract runs out.

Dumervil’s deal expires after this season, although he said he hasn’t worried about his impending free agency.

“I haven’t thought about any of that so far,” Dumervil said.

Dumervil has 10 sacks in six games, which ties the record for quickest to 10 sacks in a season. Pass rushers are in demand – Dallas' DeMarcus Ware recently signed a six-year extension worth a reported $78 million – and Dumervil knows that he is setting himself up well for the offseason.

“The best thing you want to do is put yourself in a good opportunity,” Dumervil said.

The immediate future is a bit cloudy, because of potential labor unrest. If no new collective-bargaining agreement is struck, Dumervil will be a restricted free agent. That could limit the amount Dumervil gets, but he isn’t concerned with that either.

“You don’t know what’s going to happen, and you have no control of that,” Dumervil said. “For that reason, I just try to go out and play football and deal with the rest when the time comes.”

Dumervil also didn’t offer an opinion on whether he’d be interested in forgoing his free agency and signing a contract extension if the Broncos approached him with an offer.

“It didn’t happen, so I can’t speak on it,” Dumervil said.