ENGLEWOOD – Even the attitude that the Denver Broncos would practice in any kind of weather apparently has its limits.

Broncos coach Josh McDaniels, who proclaimed, “If it’s wet, damp, raining, snowing, whatever, we’re going to be outside,” earlier this season, decided his team couldn’t practice today in a large snowstorm that blanketed Denver. The Broncos moved practice to an indoor practice bubble about a mile from the headquarters.

“If we can have a productive practice outside, we are going to be outside, period,” McDaniels said. “It seems at this point that won’t be able to be the case.”

The indoor facility is a bit smaller, so the width of the field is less than normal, and McDaniels said kicking and punting inside is affected a bit. Still, he wasn’t concerned.

“Most of the things you can get done,” McDaniels said.

McDaniels said safety Brian Dawkins, who missed most of the first half of Denver’s last game against San Diego with a hamstring injury and didn’t practice Monday, will practice today. Dawkins said he felt good. He said that McDaniels has been friendly to veterans who need a day off of practice.

“I go out and do what I can, and if that comes up – I’m very coachable, let’s just say that,” Dawkins said. “If I’m asked to take the time off, I’ll do that.”

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