ENGLEWOOD – People seem to be taking notice of the Denver Broncos. Perhaps wary of Denver’s 3-0 start because it came against some weak competition, there was skepticism. That seems to be lifting after Sunday's 17-10 win over the Dallas Cowboys.

A Sports Illustrated writer who was in Denver last week posted on his Twitter feed that the 4-0 Broncos might land on the magazine cover this week. Broncos coach Josh McDaniels seemed unenthused about being a hot topic among NFL pundits.

“Whether that’s the case or not, there’s plenty of things we need to do a lot better than what we did yesterday,” McDaniels said.

 McDaniels said the Broncos were very sloppy in the first half offensively and gave up some big plays on defense, with poor tackling being an issue on those plays. He did credit his team for playing hard, and was pleased with the win.

Getting to 5-0 will be a unique challenge. McDaniels was on New England’s staff for eight years before becoming Denver’s head coach, and now must prepare his team to face the Patriots. He called Patriots coach Bill Belichick the best coach in the league, and said much of what he has done in Denver is patterned after what he learned in New England.

“The philosophies about how to win that come straight from Bill,” McDaniels said. “I was there for eight years and had a great deal of success being a part of that organization. It’s a great organization.”