The Colorado Springs police bomb squad blew up a suspicious package left near the Pikes Peak Community College Rampart Range campus that turned out to be a collection of toys used in geocaching, a GPS hide-and-seek game, where players leave items for others to find.

Access to the east side of the campus was blocked for more than two hours after a campus police officer saw a car pulled off to the side of the road about 1,500 yards away from the college and two people carefully handling a rectangular box near a ditch.

When the officer approached the car, the people jumped in and took off, said campus police chief Ken Hilte.

“There is certainly the potential that this could be something as innocent as a scavenger hunt of sorts,” Hilte said. “In this day and age with what we’re reading in the paper and seeing on the news, you need to exercise caution and due diligence.”

Classes continued on schedule, with traffic diverted to the west side of campus, Hilte said.