ENGLEWOOD • Receiver Brandon Marshall sat out almost all of the Denver Broncos’ offensive repetitions the final two days of practice last week and was left home from Saturday’s preseason game, but was apparently promoted.
Marshall, second on the depth chart each of the past two weeks, is listed as a starter this week. Before the first preseason game, Broncos coach Josh McDaniels said Marshall was not listed as a starter because he wasn’t going to play. So does Marshall’s bump up the depth chart mean he’s going to make his preseason debut Sunday against Chicago? Not necessarily.

First, the depth chart lists four receivers and 12 offensive players as starters. Also, McDaniels would not say if Marshall will play Sunday. He said he will find out during the week how close Marshall is to being ready.

“When the players are ready to play, they’ll play in the preseason,” McDaniels said when asked specifically about Marshall. “If they’re not ready to play in the preseason, then they won’t play in the preseason. And if they’re ready to go at Cincinnati (in the season opener), that’s when they’ll play.”

Marshall participated in practice, which was closed to the media aside from the initial warm-up period, but was unavailable for comment afterward. McDaniels indicated Marshall took normal reps. Last week, Marshall worked almost exclusively with the scout team and admitted he wasn’t close to knowing the playbook.

McDaniels again said that Marshall’s situation was not a distraction for the team.

“We’re going through our meetings, having practices, watching film, getting ready for opponents, and he’s part of all that,” McDaniels said. “We’re just getting ready to play the season.”