Denver Broncos receiver Brandon Marshall said he will come to training camp on time. In fact, he told NFL Network during an interview Thursday he might be the first player to report.

That doesn’t mean all is well. During the interview, Marshall repeatedly avoided questions about whether he wanted to be with the Broncos long term or if he would like his trade request to be granted. He was asked if he thought he would be wearing No. 15 for the Broncos this year.

“I’m definitely going to be wearing No. 15,” Marshall said with a chuckle.

Marshall doesn’t have much leverage. He is coming to camp to avoid being fined every day he doesn’t show.

“As of right now I’m still under contract and I have a wedding to prepare for, so I’m definitely going to show up and I’m not going to let them take no money,” Marshall said.

Marshall said “there’s more to it,” when asked if his displeasure had to do with his contract. He said he never received a notice that he had to show up to camp July 27 with rookies and injured players, instead of reporting July 30 with the other veterans, but said he would show up at the early date.

“I never received that, but I’ll be there,” Marshall said.