The University of Colorado at Colorado Springs is looking at new ways to give an edge to high school students, including an option that would allow students to take UCCS classes at their own campuses. Some Pikes Peak region students already take classes at UCCS for high school and college credit, but they must attend on campus. The university wants to offer classes online and certify some high school instructors to teach UCCS-level classes. UCCS already offers several math classes online. Rex Welshon, associate dean of the college of letters, arts and sciences, said the school is looking at adding other core classes. A student who could not get transportation to UCCS could still take classes for dual credits, he said. This fall, faculty members will discuss ways to certify and train area high school teachers in UCCS curricula. Core courses such as English, political science and geography would be ideal candidates for high school classes. Under such a plan, a student would take a high school English class and get UCCS credit when he or she successfully finished.