LeAnn Rimes was ready to perform at the Pikes Peak International Raceway on Sunday after the Honda Indy 225, but Mother Nature wasn’t having it. Rimes was welcomed by turbulent skies, scurrying crowds and airborne red, white and blue confetti. Rimes, who has grown used to a warm ovation, must have been disappointed by the scene, which more or less resembled a mob fleeing a bomb threat. As she was about to take the stage, the sky lit up with bursts of lightning, and the show was postponed. Almost an hour after she was scheduled to perform, a steady downpour finally canceled the show. By then, a car containing four fans reportedly was struck by lightning, but no one was hurt. The weather wasn’t the only difficulty. The chaos began early with an accident while moving to the track the mobile stage on which Rimes was to perform. While rolling the stage out, the movers snagged its corner on a concrete wall, tipping it over. The stage was turned upright with the help of trucks and heavy-lifters. The crew delivered the stage to the track just in time for Rimes scheduled performance, but their efforts were thwarted by the weather. Disappointed fans will have to wait for Rimes to return to the area. No refunds or rain checks will be distributed for the canceled concert.