Construction of a natural gas liquids pipeline that will run from Colorado to Texas could begin late next month.

The 435-mile pipeline will originate near Greeley, cross under Highway 24 about five miles east of Calhan in eastern El Paso County and end close to Skellytown, Texas, near Amarillo. The pipeline is being constructed by Front Range Pipeline, a company owned by Houston-based Enterprise Products, Anadarko Petroleum and DCP Midstream. Each owns a third of the pipeline.

Front Range Pipleine has acquired more than 90 percent of the needed rights of way to construct the line, said Rick Rainey, vice president of public relations for the company.
Constructing the pipeline could create as many as 2,000 jobs from Colorado to Texas, Rainey said. Front Range continues to hire contractors, who will then hire laborers to build the line. People seeking jobs with those contractors must be certified to work on this type of pipeline, Rainey said.  He said contractors hired by Front Range will draw from local labor pools first before hiring workers outside the area. Construction will occur simultaneously at three different locations along the pipeline’s corridor, he said.

The line could be completed late this year, weather and other factors permitting. Part of the pipeline will be constructed along existing pipeline routes or traffic corridors, Rainey said; most of the line, however, will be built on private property.

Natural gas liquids are byproducts of natural gas when split into separate products. Byproducts include ethane, butane, propane and natural gasoline, Rainey said. Most of the natural gas liquids transported through the pipeline will come from around Denver International Airport. The various liquids will be separated and used to supply homes and businesses with propane and other products, or be sent overseas once they reach Texas.

The 12- to-16-inch pipeline is expected to transport 150,000 barrels of natural gas liquids a day initially, which can be expanded to 230,000 barrels per day.

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