Stunning photos from the Paint Mines

By: Mark Reis, The Gazette
October 22, 2014 Updated: October 23, 2014 at 1:41 pm
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Stars appear to swirl in the sky in this three-hour-long multiple exposure at the Paint Mines Interpretive Park near Calhan, Colorado October 22, 2014. With the camera on a tripod, a total of 24 exposures, each 8 minutes long, were taken over a three hour period on a clear, moonless night. The photos were then combined into one image. During some of the exposures a household flashlight was used to "paint" the rock formations with light. As the earth rotates, Polaris, the North Star, remains fixed in place as other stars appear to spin around it. Each individual exposure was ISO 250, f5.6 for 8 minutes. The El Paso County park that contains the Paint Mines is open daily and is free and open to the public. It offers unique, fragile formations and gulches in various hues of clay. See Thursday's Out There section for a list of several things to do outdoors this weekend when temperatures are expected to be near 80 degrees. Photo by Mark Reis, The Gazette

Combine a striking subject with the photgraphic skill of The Gazette's Mark Reis and the results are unforgettable.

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