Mom, DeMarcus. DeMarcus, this is my mom.

The introductions are going swimmingly. Von Miller, a native Texan, has built a noticeable rapport with former Cowboys star DeMarcus Ware. Ware, the new Bronco, has portrayed the role of player-coach with young defenders like Miller.

And now Ware is tight with the most important woman in Von's life.

“This is the last day of (training) camp, so I brought him over to meet my mom,” Miller said.

Here’s the common refrain when it comes to the Miller-Ware football marriage: The Pro-Bowl veteran can help straighten out the Pro-Bowler in his fourth year.

And I suppose that’s kind of true, since Miller had his share of issues before and during the 2013 season. But I found most of Miller’s transgressions to be of the dumb variety, not the malicious variety. Yes, there’s a difference. His legal issues were about speeding tickets and missed court dates. Shoot, I’ve had both. So I struggle to criticize when I screwed up, too. The exception is the NFL-mandated six-game suspension. With that, Vonnie Football hung his teammates and fans out to dry.

But we digress.

What I’ve seen in training camp is different than what you might expect. As often as Ware counsels his fellow pass-rushers, Miller counsels Ware. Turns out, that’s actually been the case.

“It’s kind of different. For once, I was telling him about plays,” Miller told me. “This is like my third year in the system. It was different, because I was coaching him up on plays, because I’m familiar with everything. It was kind of reverse for a little bit. We both have a lot to offer to the rest of the team.”

I doubt Miller plays in Sunday’s preseason game at San Francisco. If he does, it will be ahead of schedule and a surprise. He will be there as a visitor to the brand-new Levi’s Stadium.

But from what I’ve seen in two weeks of Broncos training camp, the Miller-Ware tandem goes both ways: DeMarcus helps Von, and Von helps DeMarcus.

Mom helps everyone.

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