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By: The Gazette
August 7, 2014 Updated: August 7, 2014 at 4:48 pm

We value your comments with stories at and beginning at 10 p.m. Friday we hope to encourage even more community dialogue.

We'll be moving away from Facebook comments to a new online tool at the end of stories and commenting is reserved for subscribers and registered users of

Why the change?

We know that many readers do not use Facebook and we want to respect the privacy of our readers who don't use that social media platform. Also, readers will be better able to flag and disapprove comments - allowing Gazette editors to better moderate.

A few highlights of the new commenting tool:

- Your comments are live in real-time for everyone to see and you can have a live discussion right on our site.
- Links containing “http” will automatically be linked and embedded in the comment stream.
- You can engage in multimedia conversations with videos and photos.
- You can share your comment on Facebook and Twitter or in email.
- You can subscribe to conversations about the articles you choose by following an articles comments.
- You will now be creating “” accounts where you can sign in and all of your comments will be in your profile screen, which is launched by clicking on your name.
Again, we appreciate your readership on and look forward to spirited conversation. Click here to create a account.

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