The city of Colorado Springs will release its final review of the Waldo Canyon fire on Wednesday morning, according to a news release.

The Waldo Canyon Fire After Action Review will be posted on the city’s website,, and be available to the public at 8:30 a.m.

Mayor Steve Bach, along with Police Chief Pete Carey and Fire Chief Rich Brown, will discuss the review during a news conference at 
11 a.m.

The review’s release comes nearly six months after the city put together an initial after action report, released Oct. 23. It included a summary of the fire and listed strengths and a few pitfalls of the city’s emergency response. The final review is expected to be a breakdown by department of procedures during the fire, offering critiques and recommendations for improvement.

The October report noted the lack of scribes, who could have recorded official decisions that were made verbally. Brown said that was something that was severely lacking when officials began to review actions after the fire.

Several other fire reviews have been issued from various agencies, which is typical and often required after disasters. The city of Woodland Park released its report Feb. 7, joining reviews by fire mitigation groups, among others.

Colorado Springs officials had not planned to release the report to the public, but decided to do so because of “high public interest,” the city’s Chief Communications Officer, Cindy Aubrey, said last month.

The review is not meant to function as an investigation, Aubrey stressed.

The city’s police, fire and emergency management departments pulled together reports from officers, firefighters and officials to collect feedback for the final review.

When asked about the fire department’s review status in mid-March, spokeswoman Sunny Smaldino said that it was in its final editing stages and was hundreds of pages long.

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