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LETTERS: Abortion and death penalty; Spring potholes; and more

By: ltr
April 1, 2013

Exceptional customer service

I saw your article in The Gazette’s Public Affairs Section about the city’s Spring Pothole Palooza on Tuesday; we reported potholes in Pleasant Valley to the city on Wednesday; and on Friday morning the City’s Pothole Response Team was here making the repairs. And this crew was moving! No leaning on shovels — they were fast, professional and enthusiastic. That’s exceptional customer service — less than 24 hours turn-around!

Same thing happened last month when I requested a service call with city utilities to locate a water shut-off before I made driveway repairs; I even stressed that I was in no hurry, still planning. Mick, with CSU, was at my door the same afternoon to locate and mark the buried stop-box.

As a new resident of Colorado Springs, and having lived all over the western United States, it’s apparent that Colorado Springs really does excel in taking care of its residents and treats its citizens more like neighbors and friends than just customers on a long “to-do” list. Thank you for all your exceptional service. I guess I just have to get used to it.

Steven Bartley

Colorado Springs

Protect victims and children

I was greatly saddened to learn that in Colorado, simply by raping their victims, rapists can force their way into their lives for many years, through the enforcement of their “parental rights.” This endangers the victim and the child and subjects both of them to further physical, emotional and mental abuse.

I’m writing to ask you to support SB 13-227 that would, upon conviction, remove the parental rights of rapists. The current laws in this matter are harmful to both the victims and the children born of rape. The victims and children need legal protection.

Please contact your legislators in support of SB 13-227 that would terminate the parental rights of anyone convicted of any form of rape.

Michelle Mayer


Critical expertise and input

This refers to the March 29 article titled “Lawmakers turn up heat on oil, gas regulators” by Kristen Wyatt of The Associated Press.

Wyatt reports on the efforts by Democrats in the Colorado State Legislature designed to reduce the “industry’s sway on the commission that regulates drilling.” According to the article, the proposed legislation “would prevent people who work for oil and gas companies to also serve on the Colorado Oil and Gas Conservation Commission.”

If this is the case, the logic employed by the Democrats in the Legislature in this issue is most peculiar. For example, carrying this convoluted line of thought to its logical conclusion in other fields, regulations affecting medical practitioners should be drafted solely by the laity who possess no particular expertise in the field of medicine.

Or, carrying this rationale in another direction, the committee(s) who are developing regulations for the management of medical and recreational marijuana should be staffed solely with nonusers or, in other words, those who would not be unduly influenced by the beneficial (or adverse) effects of the drug.

No, in order for any commission of this nature to function fairly and effectively, those activists in the state Legislature who would exclude from COGCC membership those who are directly associated with the oil and gas industry must recognize that drawing upon the expertise and input of professionals in the field, whether oil and gas, medical or otherwise, is absolutely critical to a full evaluation of all important issues.

Marvin O. Maul

Colorado Springs

Too much blood and treasure

George Will’s column describing Jim Webb’s reaction to an irrelevant Congress and the president(s) who made decisions involving America in wars — wars that we had no actual interest or need to be involved with — that wasted our blood and treasure was a real eye opener.

I served twice in Vietnam as a Marine and at the time thought that it was a right war but later became convinced that it was a wrong war. Why were we there interfering with the Vietnamese in their political decisions that had nothing to do with our security? Iraq and Afghanistan has truly wasted billions of our money that affects our economy along with the pointless loss of our military. The billions given to Egypt, including the recent millions given as a reward (?) by the new secretary of state, gives us what?

The almost daily reading of the news tells of Muslims murdering each other by the hundreds with car and suicide bombers that we cannot, and have not, stopped. The conflict between Shiite and Sunni sects has been going on for 800 years. Even during the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan when they were killing the Russians, they were still killing each other. Now it is the NATO military that is in the same situation.

I would like to see the members of Congress get a little backbone and vote to drastically reduce our presence in the Middle East whether Obama agrees to it or not. We cannot change the ongoing religious conflicts based on beliefs that have nothing to do with us. Let these countries work out their problems themselves. We have lost too much blood and treasure for dubious reasons.

Thomas Mix


What value, human life?

Might it be possible for Sen. John Morse or some other stalwart of the local Democratic Party to offer an explanation on their views on capital punishment and abortion? It appears to me that they find it repugnant to execute some scum who not only has ruined his or her own life but also those of countless others. However, the termination of the life of a perfectly innocent baby, whose only crime is that of being inconvenient to the mother and whose potential for love and service to others will never be realized, is perfectly acceptable.

While I deplore the mass murders in Aurora and in Sandy Hook, there are far greater ones being perpetuated on a continual basis at every abortion mill in the country.

What value do we place on human life?

Joseph A. Godec

Colorado Springs

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