Seven-year-old Riley Walker was on a mission Saturday morning.

Find six plastic eggs marked with a bee stamp amid the brush and wheat-colored grass at Bear Creek Nature Center, then swap them for chocolate at the main building.

She wasn’t alone. Sixty other kids were in the hunt, too.

It was part of the Chocolate Bunny Walk and Egg Hunt at the center. Three hunts were planned, with 60 kids at each hunt, said Jamie Bequette, center supervisor.

The favorite parts, Bequette said, were the egg hunt and crafts, where kids made their own egg bags.

Colorado Springs was awash with Easter egg hunts Saturday. There was the Springs Journey Church Family Easter Egg Hunt, and Victorian Easter Egg Hunt and Luncheon Tea at Miramont Castle in Manitou Springs.

Bear Creek was teeming with kids, parents in tow, at 9 a.m.

They were greeted by bunnies, some from 4-H and others from Dream Power Animal Rescue. The bunnies were for display, said Juliet Corning, board secretary. The organization doesn’t adopt out rabbits during Easter because people snap them up on impulse.

The event started with a Chocolate Bunny Walk slide show about rabbits. Kids then walked the Songbird Trail to hunt for the eggs. Among first-timers were Rebecca Daugherty from Colorado Springs and her sons Liam, 4 and Noah, 2.

For Riley Walker, it wasn’t easy netting six eggs. Kids and parents milled, and some grabbed every egg they could find, including the ones that had other egg hunter’s stamps.

She and her mom, Jenna Walker, were among the last ones on the field. But she ended up with six eggs anyway, and swapped them for chocolate.

She had fun, Riley said, though she wasn’t happy that spring break was ending Monday.