A college class assignment earned honors and opened eyes for a graduate from a local high school.

Sydney Hall, 21, was part of the three-member Kansas State University team that recently won a top award from the Interior Design Educators Council. She graduated in 2009 from Rampart High School in Academy School District 20.

“It’s a great honor and it will definitely help my resume,” she said. “I’m excited to see where this takes me.”

Hall is scheduled to graduate this spring after majoring in interior design.

Hall and her classmates competed with teams from across the country to earn the national title.

The assignment was a design for a college facility that included classrooms, student areas, faculty rooms and dining facilities. The Interior Design Educators Council supplied basic floor plans, but everything else was up to the students. The final product included 3-D models, research, descriptions of the concepts, presentation materials, specs for all furniture and all details for any other materials used, such as paint and finishes.

“We had only two weeks to put everything together,” Hall said.

She credited teammates Andrea Sisk from Kansas City and Haoran Hu of China with making the job easier.

Hall’s design portfolio already had a series of senior-level capstone projects.

“These are projects we would potentially show a client,” Hall said.

The award-winning project helps her show people what she wants to do. She said it is often frustrating how people can be dismissive of interior designers and the effort that goes into a project.

“I do more than just pick out colors for paint and re-arranging pillows,” Hall said.

Her coursework included psychology classes as well as classes on basic construction, art and architecture.

The project showed her how much can be done to turn spaces at colleges and universities into even better learning environments, Hall said.

“I would eventually like to work in hospitality design with some theater design on the side,” she said.

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