Colorado Springs police are looking for two men who burst into homes Saturday night on the pretence of checking water pressure.

Neither of men work for Colorado Springs Utilties, police said. They knocked on two doors, one on Hercules Drive and the other on Clemson Drive, and told the elderly residents there that they were checking water pressure for the company, police said.

Residents told police that the men, both white males in their 30s and 40s, were in an unmarked grey truck.

When they knocked on the door of an elderly woman living on Hercules Drive she refused to let them in, she told police. The men pushed past her anyway and went into the home and turn on her faucet, according to police.

Colorado Springs Utilties employees should have identification badges with their photograph and name. If residents have a question about an employee, they should contact utilities at 448-4800.

Police ask that residents also report similar suspicious activity by calling 444-7000.