A scream in the Police Operations Center was a sure sign of trouble.

But the shriek didn’t require handcuffs, pepper spray or even a Taser.

It required a roofer.

“Unfortunately, we had a roof leak that accumulated, and one of our employees got an unexpected shower, so to speak, at her desk,” Joe Curro, the Colorado Springs Police Department’s logistics support manager, said while standing on the fourth-floor roof Thursday.

But police employees soon won’t have to worry about ceiling pieces falling on their desks.

The 20,874-square-foot fourth-floor roof and the 6,842-square-foot penthouse roof of the police headquarters on South Nevada Avenue are getting a $390,000 makeover.

Workers started replacing the roofing Wednesday. The project is expected to take about two months, depending on the weather.

“The warranty is 25 years,” Curro said.

The Police Operations Center opened in 1993, and after 20 years, the roof reached its expected lifespan, Curro said.

“The roof is leaking from many locations but is most prevalent throughout the base of the parapet walls and along the entire perimeter of the building roof,” Curro said in an email.

“Over time, roof membranes have a tendency to shrink at the base of the parapet walls pulling away from the wall and deck, causing cracks. The cracks give way to numerous and persistent leaks, which have caused drywall and carpet damage, mold, and mildew,” he wrote.

Last year, the roofs of the Sand Creek and Falcon police substations were replaced after 24 years “due to extensive and frequent leaks,” he said.

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