It's Friday, so The Gazette has decided to take a bit more seriously the entertainment part of the media's professional pledge to "inform, persuade and entertain." So check out our new reality cartoon today, titled "The News," on

Reality shows about the news business are actually in vogue now. Executives of NBC hope a new reality show about newspaper editors and reporters, in these changing times for traditional media, might be a big hit, like "Gold Rush" or any of the countless work-based reality shows that glamorize the lives of everyone from bug exterminators to cooks to men and women who chop down trees or catch tuna for a living.

The New York Times reports that NBC received more than 150 proposals within 10 days of putting out a casting call of sorts to feature the real activities of one small-town newspaper. The Gazette didn't apply, and may not have qualified given that it serves a metropolitan area of more than 600,000 people (meaning we're not a "small town" on paper, anyway).

Instead, Gazette Editorial Page Editor Wayne Laugesen created an animated look at some of the silly activities, imagined and real, that occur in our little corner of your community.

Scroll down to the end of this intro to see the latest episode of “The News."

"It's a ridiculous look at the internal workings and relationships at The Gazette through the somewhat warped view of our editorial page editor,” Gazette Editor Joe Hight said. “We have comics pages in The Gazette, so why not have an animated and comical look at this newsroom?”

In the first episode, Wayne decides to form a new singing group at The Gazette based his infatuation with the TV hit series “Glee” and even gets in a feud with a certain editor because of it.

"We hope it provides two or three minutes of comic relief for you each Friday,” Hight said. “Well, since it’s Wayne, we would settle for one minute. Maybe even 30 seconds."