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LETTERS: Transgender child; America isn't homogeneous; and more

By: ltr
March 5, 2013

Supportive of family’s decision

I genuinely applaud the Mathis family for their brave decision to support their transgender daughter, Coy. I can’t imagine how initially difficult it must be as parents to accept something so personal and lifechanging about your child, but it’s abundantly clear that she wasn’t coerced or abused or otherwise “made” to be this way (as some opponents are likely to claim).

I know they made the right decision, likely sparing their daughter years of heartbreak and confusion. I cannot understand how any parent could deny their child the right to be who they are. I read stories all the time about teenagers committing suicide over a lack of support regarding their sexuality and I believe having the support of her family at an early age will spare Coy much of this difficulty.

I am so proud of the Mathis family for supporting, loving and accepting their daughter, and for standing up for her and for what is right. I hope that her school changes their decision and decides to support her as well.

Kristy Powell


Doesn’t get double standard

I don’t get it. My son suffers from receptive-expressive language disorder, and for a time had symptoms of sensory integration disorder (sudden unexpected loud sounds were literally a nightmare for him and us, and even the threat of one — think fire drill — could completely throw him off). This child has endured hours upon hours of therapy to help him conform to what society expects as “normal” and develop his coping strategies. He has done an amazing job, too. But if your child suffers from “gender identity disorder,” everyone is expected to conform to their “normal”? Double standard, anyone?

Anna Dinsmoor

Colorado Springs

America is a unique country

Larimore Nicholl uses the same bad comparisons of the U.S. and other countries (“Pass those gun restrictions now, Feb. 23). We are a unique country. We are not a homogeneous country like Japan and to a lesser degree, England, Denmark and Australia. Japan was a country of only Japanese people, and they were loyal to their country and emperor. They were a closed society until Commodore Mathew Perry’s expedition of 1852-1854.

America is a much younger country made up of many nationalities. Our history and culture is completely different than all the other countries he mentioned. America would not exist today if not for guns. The Japanese were not allowed to have guns — they used swords, spears and other lethal weapons. They had the code of Bushido that would probably not allow weapons such as guns. Anyone that would use one would probably be considered a coward.

As for the other countries mentioned, they were mature societies that did not have territories to be expanded, conquered and defended. What would America be without the War for Independence, the Alamo, Gettysburg, the “taming” of the West, Wyatt Earp, Wild Bill Hickok, Buffalo Bill Cody and others?

More laws and more gun control will not make a difference. I believe Sir Edmond Burke said it best — “Perhaps all laws are useless, because good men don’t need them and bad men are made no better by them.” He also said “Bad laws are the worst sort of tyranny.” We are a unique country and as far as I’m concerned, we are the best.

Larry Green

Colorado Springs

Passing along the cost to all

To take advantage of lower interest rates we refinanced our home. During the process, we discovered that our home insurance had risen dramatically over the years. We were told by the insurance company that they had raised the rates because of Katrina and other recent major events in the Gulf Coast. They were passing the costs on to all customers across the nation. The rates increased over time and there was no sudden increase to warrant us scrutinizing our insurance rates. We shopped around and found a better rate with more coverage.

Recently, we received notice that our home insurance went up several hundred dollars on each of our properties. When we contacted the insurer we were very politely told that the increase in rates was because of last summer’s wildfires in Colorado. Because of the increase in the company’s claims they were passing the costs on to all of their customers in Colorado. Ironically, none of our properties are anywhere near the impacted area. We who chose not to live in what are traditionally high fire areas had our rates raised because of those who did and who suffered a loss. Everyone should check with their insurance company and see how much their policies have increased. They should not be allowed to collect the premium and then pass along their costs to everyone when a tragic event happens.

Eric Mitchell

Colorado Springs

Dad was ahead of his time

This morning as I listened to the news it was noted that we would be on water restrictions this year.

Many years ago, I grew up on a farm in Nebraska and my father would remind me to conserve water — that someday we would not have an abundance of good water. I would just roll my eyes and think, “Dad, you are out of your mind.”

Guess what? My Dad was a wise father and I now believe he was ahead of his time and realizing that something we take for granted, we must consider seriously.

Janet Skokan

Manitou Springs

Dougan knows the real truth

In my personal experience with Angela Dougan, she is ethical, professional and virtuous. She has served District 2 with passion and loyalty, and she has stood up for principle and integrity. She has challenged her colleagues with new ideas and stood alone on important issues. She is courageous in her fight for the betterment of Colorado Springs, and she investigates and studies every subject so she knows the real truth. If you live in City Council District 2, vote for a person who truly represents you with common-sense decisions, vote for Angela Dougan.

Cheryl Glasgow

Colorado Springs

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