Striking, globe-shaped Dwarf Colorado Blue Spruce is a slow-growing, low-maintenance shrub. Selected for its shape and color, this cultivar grows more wide than tall. Powder blue needles add year-round color, which makes it a perfect accent plant or focal point in any garden. Great in limited spaces. Easily grown in average, well-drained soils and full or partial sun, the shrub prefers rich, moist soils but will adapt to drier soils once it is established. It is very cold hardy and tolerates deer, rabbits and some drought. North American Rocky Mountain native.

Plant of the week: Blue Globe Spruce

Common name: Blue Globe Spruce, Dwarf Colorado Blue Spruce

Scientific name: Picea pungens glauca "Globosa"

Type: Evergreen, dwarf conifer

Height: 3-5 feet

Width: 4-6 feet

Where to plant: Full sun, partial sun (tolerates light shade)

Water requirement: Moderate to moist, adapts to dry once established

Preparing the soil: Average soil, prefers well-drained areas

Hardy: Zone 2 (up to 10,000 feet)


Julie McIntyre, Summerland Gardens