Even before the “Dr. Phil Show” aired its first segment on the case of a missing Monument boy Tuesday, previews sparked an increase in calls to the Dylan Redwine tip line.

In all, the tip line has received more than 370 calls, about 100 after the first show and 270 since the second show, said Dan Bender, spokesman for the La Plata County Sheriff’s Office.

The show itself may provide leads, he added.

“The investigators watched both shows,” Bender said Thursday. “We’re analyzing that. We are comparing what we already have in the investigation and what was discussed on the show to see if there’s anything new.”

Bender said the spike in calls started when the show was first advertised on television late last week.

“Some of them are people expressing their opinions, so this doesn’t mean that we have in excess of 300 new clues for the case,” he said. “It will take some time to sort through all of it.”

Dylan went missing Nov. 19 from his father’s house in Vallecito near Bayfield. The Monument 14-year-old was visiting Mark Redwine over Thanksgiving break.

Until the Dr. Phil Show promos started, leads had dwindled. Few clues came in and searches proved fruitless.

Another beneficiary of the show was the Facebook page Find Missing Dylan Redwine, said Denise Hess, community organizer of the search for the boy.

The page’s followers on the day of the first show added up to 11,600. After the final episode, the number of followers of the page had jumped to 20,547.

The show, Hess said, didn’t add a lot of new information, but “we came away with a greater perspective on Mark’s character and the lengths he will go to to avoid giving us an idea of what happened that day.”

During the show, which aired over two days, Dylan’s divorced parents, Elaine Redwine and Mark, accused each other of having a role in the boy’s disappearance.

In the final show Wednesday, Mark bailed on taking a polygraph examination. A previous examination was inconclusive, he said.

“Right now, honestly, we’re just regrouping,” Hess said. “It’s been an emotional upheaval.”