El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa said Thursday that a Gazette article concerning the investigation of a missing file at his office took his comments out of context and asked that a recording of his interview with The Gazette be made public.

AUDIO: The Gazetteā€™s interview of El Paso County Sheriff Terry Maketa regarding the investigation of a missing file.

The article, published Thursday, focused on an Internal Affairs file of Bill Elder, a candidate for sheriff and former employee of the Sheriff's Office. The file was reported stolen in April and is now the focus of a criminal investigation. The FBI also is involved.

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Elder said in the story that he was never the focus of an Internal Affairs investigation in the 19 years he was at the office and suggested that such a file did not exist. Elder is one of three candidates running for sheriff in the November election. Maketa cannot run under term limits.

Maketa said the Thursday story had "an agenda" and posed questions that he said he clearly answered in the interview.

Maketa also disputed that the Colorado Bureau of Investigation had not responded to a Gazette request to confirm that he asked the agency to take over the investigation, as was reported in the article.

Gazette reporter Dave Philipps received an email from the CBI at 7:13 p.m. Wednesday but did not see it until Thursday.