Where was Broncos executive John Elway when he got the phone call saying head coach John Fox was going into the hospital?

“I was at the Breeder’s Cup,” Elway said today during a roundtable conversation with local reporters. “I was about to walk up to the window.”

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On one hand, Fox probably saved Elway a couple bucks. The ponies are tricky that way.

On the other, Fox’s heart issues added to an extensive list of bizarre, troubling, difficult bumps in the road for the 2013 Broncos. Asked if he expected all of these crises when he ditched tee times to chase another title with the Broncos, Elway said, “Um, no.”

So why leave the car and restaurant business — and afternoons at Cherry Hills Country Club — to reshape the Broncos?

“When I first retired, I wanted to get away and see if there’s something else out there instead of football. It took me two years, three years, to figure out there wasn’t,” Elway said. “I’m built to be involved with football somehow. That’s really what I know the best because that’s where I’ve spent all my time. It really got back to what I did the best.

“There was success. I had the dealerships, the restaurants. But those don’t have scoreboards on Sunday. You get used to seeing a scoreboard — even when you’re 4 or 5 or 6 years old on Saturday and Sunday, every weekend in the fall — I don’t think you ever break that.”

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