Will you be the next Curt Stoehr?

Stoehr has bragging rights as the reigning winner of The Gazette’s craziest Broncos fan contest. Stoehr was crowned last January after the Broncos lost in the playoffs.

Upload a fanatical photo of yourself. Three winners will be chosen by The Gazette Staff to have their pictures published. Winners will also receive a gift card.

Fifty photos were submitted last year. Let’s top that, Broncos fans.

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On Jan. 12, when the Denver Broncos were still in the playoffs and a Super Bowl run was still possible, Curt Stoehr stepped it up a notch.

Along with his jersey, dreadlock cap and blue and orange face paint, his game-day uniform for that particular day, he was happy to discover his moustache was long enough for strings of beads — blue and orange, of course.

After all, it was a Big Day.

“It’s just a lot of fun. Like my wife says, I’ve never grown up. I don’t have a choice about growing old, but I’ve never grown up,” said Stoehr.

The 55-year-old from Lake George was the winner of The Gazette’s craziest Broncos fan contest, chosen by Gazette staff from among more than 50 fans who sent in photos showing their Broncos pride.

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