It’s cold outside. We all know that. But how cold is it compared to … ?

Colorado Springs was at 5 degrees as of 1 p.m. Thursday. And it will stay bone-chilling cold through at least the weekend. More snow is even predicted.

How does Colorado Springs compare with well-known colder towns? The Mother Nature Network listed the seven coldest places to live in the world. Let’s compare.

The Colorado town Fraser made the list. Fraser is 5 degrees.

Hell, Norway is 23 degrees.

International Falls, Minn., is 10 degrees

Barrow, Alaska is 4 degrees

Yakutsk, Russia is -18 degrees

Oymyakon, Russia is -25 degrees.

Verkhoyansk, Russia is -39 degrees.


Aren’t you glad you’re not in Russia or Great Falls, Mont. (-4) or Williston, N.D. (-3)?