Don’t worry about the Chiefs. As predicted, Sunday night showed the Chiefs are playing the role of Ohio State in a bowl game against the SEC. The Chiefs aren’t on that level.

The Broncos should worry about the Broncos. They’re beat up like a boxer.

Peyton Manning is injured. Wes Welker was concussed. Julius Thomas is injured. Ryan Clady’s injured and not coming back. Rahim Moore is injured  and might not come back. Champ Bailey is injured.

If you are making a list of the 10 most important players on the roster, those six names be on it. 

The Broncos are the best team in the AFC and probably the NFL. At the moment, they are also damaged goods. 

The Broncos’ weak spot is their sore spot. They are all beat up, and road games at New England and Kansas City don’t figure to be a magic elixir. The Broncos didn’t need a bye week. They needed a bye month.

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