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'No' to 66; How the wind blows; and more

By: Letters
October 22, 2013 Updated: October 22, 2013 at 8:10 pm
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Happy days are here again

With all the celebration over the end of the partial government shutdown and the lifting of the federal debt ceiling, I can't get this old tune out of my mind: "Happy days are here again; The skies above are clear again; So let's sing a song of cheer again; Happy days are here again."

Please excuse my use of real numbers. Seeing the actual numbers adds clarity. As of Day One of the new Washington budget and debt ceiling agreement, Oct. 17, outstanding U.S. government debt stood at $16,749,150,684,202 (that is, $16.75 trillion).

Nearing the end of the George W. Bush presidency, at the start of federal fiscal year 2009, on Oct. 1, 2008, the federal debt was $10,124,225,067,127 (that is, $10.12 trillion). At the start of fiscal year 2014, Oct. 1 this year, the debt was $16,747,478,675,335 (that is, $16.74 trillion). Current projections are the federal debt at the completion of President Barack Obama's second term will be $20,000,000,000,000 (that is, $20 trillion). So over Obama's eight years, the debt is expected to have roughly doubled, from $10 trillion to $20 trillion.

When considering long-term commitments of the federal government, things like Social Security, Medicare, the Affordable Care Act, federal employee retirement programs and so forth, estimates are that direct and indirect federal unfunded liabilities are between $70 trillion and $90 trillion.

You easily can see it is great news that a minority of congressional members were thwarted a few days ago in their misguided, indeed some say crazed efforts at modest fiscal restraint. Radical Republicans in the U.S. House and a few ridiculous, irresponsible types in the Senate, a.k.a. Senator Ted Cruz, have received a proper spanking.

Raise your voices with me: "... So let's sing a song of cheer again; Happy days are here again."

Tom Mullen

Colorado Springs

America pays her bills

The recent shutdown of the federal government, and the threat of a fiscal default, has been a disgrace to our country. There is enough criticism to go around for all participants in this fiasco; however, the major blame must be placed on the so-called tea party Republicans such as Rep. Doug Lamborn.

I am not disputing that the Affordable Care Act needs revision and tweaking; however, I am criticizing such representatives as Lamborn for holding our country and citizens hostage. The shutdown hurt our community and economy but a default would have been disastrous.

Please examine the words of two Colorado Republican Representatives. Cory Gardner: "America does not default on its debt. We pay our bills. Our nation is tired of the gridlock and dysfunction in Washington, and rightfully so. Over two weeks have elapsed since the government shutdown, and it is time for us to move forward as a nation and ensure that we pay our debts on time." Doug Lamborn: "I am disappointed President Obama and Senate Democrats resisted every effort House Republicans put forward to reform government spending and bring more fairness to middle-class Americans stuck with the cost of Obamacare. But our cause is worth fighting for and I will continue to fight reckless spending in Washington."

One of the gentlemen wants to move on and work within the framework of Congressional legislation. One is stuck in an ideological vacuum where he will continue to aimlessly spiral for eternity. Surely the Republicans of the Colorado 5th Congressional District can locate a representative willing to work for both the benefit of our local population, and for the greater good of our country.

Michael Nelson

Colorado Springs

Principle vs. how the wind blows

Sorry, Donald Holliday, but Doug Lamborn is my hero among those who are cowards. He was the only politician who voted on principle vs. how the wind blows.

No one wants to deal with the elephant in the room called debt at $17 trillion and climbing. Senator Lamborn stood up for our children and grandchildren and not for his own reputation. Let me remind you, Mr. Holliday, that nothing was done to slow the spending. It was same old, same old establishment politics and it makes me want to weep.

Wake up America, until spending (bleeding) is slowed we will gurgle in our own "blood" and plead for leaders like Lamborn in the near future.

Sharon Rocchi

Colorado Springs

Say no to Amendment 66

This humongous tax increase they want to inflict on us is outrageous. Gov. John Hickenlooper and his Democratic politicians are badly mistaken if for one minute they think we are all stupid enough to believe it's for education and for the kids.

Once they get this money there will be no oversight, no accountability and they'll spend as they see fit. How about getting rid of inept teachers, assistant principle and waste all over the school system? The more money they throw at education the less it is going to work. That has been proven over the years. American students are far behind Europe and Asia.

Times are bad, thanks to government and as predicted, in January we will see an increase in water, gas and electric. Also they are looking for who to charge for stormwater. They might put that on our property tax bill.

People, say no to this senseless tax increase. We have the power.

Elfriede Little

Colorado Springs

These are huge increases

The Amendment 66 supporters and news articles obscure the fact that this income tax increase would amount to an 8 percent increase in state income tax for incomes below $75,000 and an increase of 27 percent on income earned in excess of $75,000? These are huge increases and fail to fit in with the pro-Amendment 66 claims of "small price." How much more of your money will you permit the government to take?

Randall Kouba

Colorado Springs

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