Reality TV star Beth Chapman, wife of Dog the Bounty Hunter, denies any criminal wrongdoing stemming from allegations that she harassed a 16-year-old girl in Monument earlier this month, her attorney said Thursday.

A warrant for Chapman's arrest was issued Friday, and the Monument Police Department said Chapman has not turned herself in.

"Perhaps once all the facts are kind of brought to the fore and there's kind of an overview by law enforcement of what happened, hopefully this matter will be over," Chapman family attorney Gary Lozow of Denver said.

"But assuming that that isn't an option, she'll go through the court system, and she'll be exonerated," he said.

The girl, a student at Lewis-Palmer High School, said Chapman berated her after she and her boyfriend drove up to Monument Lake.

The girl "gets out of the car and Beth starts yelling at her, calling her a tramp, slut and whore," a police report states. The girl "walked over to her friend's car and can still hear Beth calling her a tramp and stupid teenager."

Lozow declined to give Chapman's version of events.

"It isn't the time to kind of be trying an accusation, which we're just getting the details on, in the press," he said.

Chapman, 45, told, an entertainment news and gossip website, that a young man and his female passenger drove "dangerously close" to her and her children, 12 and 14 years old, and her 11-year-old grandson.

"The passenger emerged from the vehicle - she was young and dressed inappropriately, drinking beer . and obviously out for a good time. I told her and the driver, 'You need to slow down or I will call the cops,'" Chapman told the website.

"She began to laugh and smirk and then told me, 'These cops won't do anything!' I told her if they didn't slow down, I'd call anyway," she said.

After the girl left, Chapman said two men approached her family asking for pictures and autographs while "their hands were resting atop some type of firearms."

Chapman told the website she asked the men if they had concealed carry permits and demanded they leave. She also said she called the police to find out how concealed carry permits applied to public areas and parks with children present but left before officers arrived.

Police said they got a call concerning questions about open carry of a firearm and went to Monument Lake to investigate.

In his report, Sgt. Mark Owens said he encountered two men, including one who had a firearm in a holster on his right hip.

They said they had just seen Duane "Dog" Chapman and his family at the lake and that Beth Chapman was "being really mean" to a teenage girl.

"They said as they were leaving, Beth started yelling (at the girl) again, saying, 'You better run away you little tramp,'" the police report states. "The male carrying the firearm said the whole Chapman family left the area right after that and as they were leaving, one of the black Suburbans occupied by the Chapmans, nearly backed into his new Mustang and then 'peeled out' as they left."

Beth Chapman told RadarOnline that the girl deserved to be scolded.

"The only thing this girl got was a tongue lashing that her mother should have given her before she left the house that day in her Daisy Dukes with her butt cheeks hanging out," she said.


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