Two Colorado restaurant owners have asked for it, and now, they're going to get it.

Chef Gordon Ramsay and his popular reality TV show "Kitchen Nightmares" is coming to the area to fix what's broken at Pantaleone's, 2120 S. Holly St. in Denver, and Old Neighborhood Restaurant, 7923 Allison Way in Arvada.

And you can be there when all hell breaks loose during the final days of filming.

The popular reality show delivers the volatile chef into down-in-their-luck eateries in need of Ramsay's winning formula for success. A TV personality with three reality shows (in America alone) and cookbook author, he currently runs 12 restaurants and has been awarded 15 Michelin stars, the highest honor a restaurant can receive.

His take-no-hostages approach can turn a restaurant around, but it can also leave grown men crying in their restaurant's soup.

And viewers eat it up. Restaurant owners, too, apparently: Pantaleone's and the Old Neighborhood Restaurant responded to the Fox casting call to Colorado eateries for possible inclusion in Season Six. Exactly when the episodes will run is still unknown, says Joanna Wolff, a spokeswoman for Fox.

Colorado Springs was rumored to be considered for this season, but representatives of the show have said the show was primarily focused on Denver.

Still, if you have a restaurant on a downward slide, head to for information on applying for Season Seven.

In the meantime, you can take part in the filming of these Denver area spots. Ramsay will spend Tuesday through Friday at Pantaleone's and Saturday through July 30 at Old Neighborhood Restaurant. Diners are needed to fill the restaurant, which will hopefully be taken from failing to spectacular under Ramsay's brief tutelage. To be in on the chaos, make reservations at for Pantaleone's and for the evening with Old Neighborhood Restaurant.