A Fort Carson soldier appeared on CBS news Tuesday morning, speaking about a video he shot last year in Afghanistan of a firefight against the Taliban.

Pfc. Ted Daniels, a soldier with the 4th Infantry Division’s 4th Brigade Combat Team, shot the video with a camera mounted on his helmet while deployed to eastern Afghanistan. More than 23 million people have viewed the video, which lasts about three and a half minutes.

See the video here.

In it, he fires from behind rocks and runs across an open area to draw Taliban fire.

“I agree, it was not a sound thing to do,” he told CBS News, of the bullet-riddled scamper. “But I also remember Murphy’s Laws of Combat: If it’s stupid but works, it isn’t stupid.”

In one moment, a bullet hit his gun. He yells “I’m hit, I’m hit.”

A bullet also grazed his helmet during the firefight. Daniels survived with peppered shrapnel wounds to his arm.

“We made it, we made it,” he told morning show. “You know, we all made it out. And, you know, we all made it to fight another day.”