Hungry Bear Family Restaurant

Join the crowd for mouth-watering, made-from-scratch pancakes at this Woodland Park gem. Just for fun, you could try some Bear Necessities (French toast) or Bear Basics (combo plates) or "bearly" contain your delight with some yummy crepes. You'll be ready for hibernation or fueled up for the day by the time you're done.


The Pantry

Generations of families share stories about this Colorado delight. After all, this cozy lakeside spot in Green Mountain Falls has been one of those special, must-go places for more than 60 years. On weekends, it's almost a guarantee you'll be waiting in line, but that's part of the small-town charm. Weekend mornings, there's also a breakfast buffet.


King's Chef Diner

It used to be that the name conjured up images of a kitschy little purple castle and a wacky environment with servers and cooks ridiculing those who didn't clean their heaping plates. Now King's Chef in Colorado Springs is more - it's become synonymous with green chili. Lots of green chili. It's home to The Thing and The Grump.



It's not breakfast; it's an experience. And its popularity has ballooned from a Larimer Street location in Denver to six sites including Boulder, Fort Collins and San Diego. The energetic, very PC Snooze folks are up close and personal about farm fresh, locally grown and all natural. Add to that, the food is wonderful.


Johnson's Corner Truck Stop, Restaurant and Bakery

Oh, heaven. Paint a mind picture and you can just about smell them. We're talking cinnamon rolls here, out-of-the-oven hot, buttery, fragrant, dripping with frosting. Ah, yes. This truck stop plaza south of Loveland, which opened in 1952, has been touted all over the place. Did we mention the cinnamon rolls?