Tank up on caffeine if you’re planning to attend the Colorado Springs City Council meeting Tuesday. It’s likely to be a long one.

Because of the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, council moved its informal meeting to Tuesday, the same day it holds its formal meeting. The formal meeting begins at 1 p.m., followed by the informal one.

With at least six hot-button issues on the formal agenda, the meeting could go on for hours. In addition to taking up the list of recommended appointees to the Martin Drake Task Force, council will decide whether to refer five measures to the April ballot:

• Make the city attorney an elected position;

• Give council members a raise;

• Negate the mayor’s authority to sign Colorado Springs Utilities’ contracts;

• Have the public elect a board of directors to govern Utilities;

• Modify the TOPS tax to allow the city to spend more on maintenance.

Mayor Steve Bach said he will speak out against the measures because he believes they were hastily considered, without community input, and fail to take a more comprehensive approach to reviewing and revising the city charter.

“It is troubling to me to force through piecemeal changes to the charter without a community conversation,” he said Monday.