Reader and colleague Kevin Carmody observed, “I’ve seen a few of these new souped-up (police) Dodge Chargers in the past week. Are they phasing out the blue and white sedans for the sporty black and white?”

The answer is yes.

Joe Curro, logistics support manager for the Colorado Springs Police Department, responded to an email by writing: In 2012 the department decided to change over from blue and white to black on white on all patrol cruisers and other....marked vehicles. Historically, this scheme has been favored by U.S. law enforcement agencies because of immediate vehicle recognition, as well as, recognition from a greater distance. It has also been a “tradition” with police departments. Last year the Colorado Springs Police Department purchased 25 patrol cruisers, 8 motorcycles, and 17 other vehicles marked in the new color scheme. The fielding of these new vehicles will be completed in February. As marked cars are purchased for the fleet in the coming years, they will be black and white and increasingly more visible.”

Reader Len Bentley says he has seen 40 police cars parked at a substation. He wondered why, and also asked “how many cars does the city have?”

Curro’s response: “At any given time each Patrol Division will have several shifts that overlap.... The shift overlaps require a reserve of cruisers to support the on duty and off duty patrol shifts. Reserve vehicles also serve as replacements for units taken out of service for routine preventive maintenance, major repairs, or damaged beyond repair. In 2012 the department lost 18 vehicles, due to age, accidents, or natural disasters (flood and hail). The current fleet of patrol cruisers is 205 units; down from 230 of several years ago.”

Reader Arthur Foley asked, “Is there a facility in the city that accepts recyclable styrofoam?”

There are many. At Pak Mail, 4419 Cenntennial Blvd., the business accepts “any kind of clean styrofoam, but it can’t be colored,” said employee Jesse Race.

Maggie Backker, owner of Maggie’s Shipping Shoppe, 33 E. Costilla St., said “the only thing we don’t take is molded styrofoam.”

United Parcel service locations also accept styrofoam for recycling. To learn what materials various locations accept, check out the city’s web site at The site has a list of addresses and phone numbers.

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