Is your weight doing an off-again, on-again tango? You’re not alone. Up to two-thirds of overweight folks who lose 5 percent to 10 percent of their body weight regain it (and more) within five years.

Well, we know how you can take the bounce-back out of your weight-control plan and put the bounce back into your step.

1. Excess weight creates leptin resistance; you can’t hear its “stop eating now” message. So you want to eat healthy foods that keep you feeling full: 100 percent whole grains, fiber-rich vegetables and fruit, and lean proteins. Eat five times a day — two snacks, three meals — to reduce cravings.

2. Walk an extra 30 minutes a day (aiming for 10,000 steps daily). You’ll improve muscle tone, burn fat, increase metabolism and ease stress.

3. And since stress boosts ghrelin, it can send the message, “Eat bad-for-you comfort food now!” Show it the door with 10 minutes of meditation daily. Deep breathing and progressive tensing and relaxing of muscles from toe to head should do it.