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Do your research first

A recent letter to the editor by Erik Carlson sure got my attention, mostly because it contained a blatant falsehood. The author, blatantly posted as fact that: “Obama took the flag off Air Force One...” I’m no fan of our President Obama, and he probably will not get my vote; but regardless, the statement condemning Obama about his removing the U.S. Flag from Air Force One is completely untrue and undeserved. Anyone can and should fact-check before making such biased statements — SNOPES, Urban Legends, and other web-based sites are available to seek out the truth first.

The facts:  Both aircraft, Air Force One and it’s backup plane used by all presidents, still bears the original markings for the President of the United States, including the American flag. However, before the election in 2008, his campaign chartered a North American Boeing 757 with the airlines’ standard corporate U.S. flag images on the tail, which technically were not ordinary representations of our flag. The images were removed and repainted with Obama campaign logos.

Presidential candidates, and others, routinely have their chartered campaign or personal airplanes repainted.

Next time, do your research first.

Steve Bartley, Colorado Springs

Quality of life on the ‘Ave.’

We have been working diligently with law enforcement to raise the quality of life on “The Avenue” (formerly No Man’s Land) since January.

Many meetings have been attended, not just the City Council meetings (twice a month) but also county commissioners meetings (in January and October), task force meetings at the Shrine Club, avenue task force meetings held monthly at Gold Hill Substation and our core group gets together several times a month to discuss how to approach the criminal element menacing “The Avenue”.

We need your help!

The Sheriff’s Department needs more funding. The population of El Paso County has grown 61 percent over the last 22 years. They [Sheriff’s Department] lost 51 positions since 2000.

There is on average seven to eight deputy sheriffs on duty at any given time for 1,898 square miles of unincorporated El Paso County land. This situation is frightening.

Over the past several months, the Sheriff’s Office has designated more officers for “The Avenue”, which means other districts have little coverage. I don’t know how much longer that can continue.

The elections are fast approaching. Please consider voting yes on 1A to allow Sheriff Maketa to train and hire more law enforcement officers, along with this, there will be added criminal justice needs and emergency response needs as they all go hand in hand.

We have also been in attendance at the Westside Avenue Action Plan meetings (WAAP).

The WAAP is doing an impressive job of determining what needs to be done with the infrastructure for the 30th Street Corridor improvements (The Avenue), believe me it will be beautiful.

We also need to extend the PPRTA, without this extension “The Avenue” will not become the crown jewel it was meant to be. Do we want to live in a dilapidated rundown area of town where crime is prevalent or are we going to support 5A and have “The Avenue” become a crown jewel of the Rockies? Please vote yes on 5A. It’s our turn now.

Bonnie Lapora, Colorado Springs

Clark gets things done

Elections seem to bring out character assassinations in force. As the husband of an elected official, I can’t tell you how hard it is stay quiet when the spin doctors make personal attacks. Sallie Clark started as a neighborhood activist defending our neighborhood’s Fire Station 3. As a councilwoman, she was the driving force behind the citywide ban on wood shake roofs — just think about the impact this had when Waldo Canyon hit.  

I see her every day, working long hours and balancing her small business and civic duties. She reaches out to help those in need, regardless of party affiliation. Unlike the Washington gridlock, she finds common ground to get things done. Recent efforts include the I-25/Cimarron interchange, “Not One More Child” initiative, Rainbow Falls restoration, the Avenue (No Man’s Land), and Ft. Carson buffer zone, among others. During the fire she averaged 18 hour workdays. Her personal integrity is something I can vouch for and observe as she makes sacrifices for others to leave this world a better place.

I’m proud to be the husband of Commissioner Sallie Clark and I ask that you join me by casting your vote for Sallie’s continued service to our community Nov. 6.

Welling Clark, Colorado Springs

Mixing oil and water

I realize that trying to mix logic and the political speeches that are called presidential debates is like mixing oil and water.

However, being an engineer, I live for attempting the impossible.

The facts are simple: 1) in the Hofstra debate on Oct. 16, Governor Romney stated “it took the president 14 days before he called the attack in Benghazi an act of terror.” and 2) in the Rose Garden speech on Sept.  12,  President Obama stated “No acts of terror will ever shake the resolve of this great nation, alter that character, or eclipse the light of the values that we stand for.”

There has been plenty of “opinion” masquerading as “analysis” stating that the president was speaking generally about terror and not about the attack in Benghazi in particular. There has even been “analysis” stating that because the president didn’t use the legal phrase “act of terrorism”, that he wasn’t calling the attack in Benghazi an act of terrorism. We pay lawyers for this?

My analysis comes from two points of view: 1) English writing structure and 2) simple word comparison. In English, sentences in the same paragraph are supposed to be related or tied together. In the Rose Garden transcript, the sentence in the same paragraph that follows the quote from President Obama is: “Today we mourn four more Americans who represent the very best of the United States of America.” That second sentence clearly refers to the attack in Benghazi. As my high school English teacher would say: that makes those two sentences related and supporting of each other.

President Obama’s sentence used “acts of terror”. Gov. Romney’s sentence used “act of terror”. Neither used the legal phrase “act of terrorism”. In the most simplistic of comparisons, Gov. Romney’s statement at Hofstra was factually incorrect.

Of course, there are meta-issues involved, but that’s not my point.

My point is simple logic about facts. Gov. Romney made a simple statement that is easy to prove as factually incorrect.

Daniel D. Daugherty, Colorado Springs

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