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LETTERS: Jennifer George; Paying for years to come; Truth; and more

By: ltr
October 12, 2012

The road to apathy

The road to apathy is a calm, gentle, downhill slope. It requires no commitment to yourself or society, little exertion, no tough decisions, no trauma, no social involvement. It simply doesn’t “rock your boat.” Unfortunately, it is an awfully long trip that eventually leads you to nowhere. More unfortunately, many of us have been traveling this road for some time and more are joining us each day. The road’s getting very crowded, but then, making decisions is someone else’s job.

Trouble is that the road never ends and things don’t get better along the way. It can and does eventually get very frustrating and yet no one else along the road to apathy wants to do anything about it. So what’s an able-bodied red-blooded American to do — we’re not happy with what’s going on at home and abroad and no one is doing anything to improve our lot in life.

This shouldn’t be shocking, but maybe it might be helpful to start by looking at ourselves in the mirror and assessing who and what we are and where we are headed. The road to apathy can find all kinds of things that are wrong and someone else to blame, but nothing is going to change until we start to take responsibility for our own actions. We don’t like or trust our elected officials, but we elect them. We feel overtaxed but want others to pay more.

We want people to be honest, but more importantly, to be politically correct. We love, honor and respect our military but continually under fund them while asking them to do more and politically interfere with their mission. We want people to think and act like us, but they don’t. We believe everyone should live within their means, but few do (perhaps because our elected government refuses to do so). We want other people to like us but they don’t. We want others to do everything we don’t want to do.

Perhaps it’s time to stop complaining and blaming everyone else for our problems, our failures, our inaction and our country’s continual decline. Those of us blissfully skipping down the road to apathy at some point need to understand that the road also goes uphill. Uphill to where the sun shines brightly. It’s not as easy to climb uphill but the benefits are far more rewarding than all the clouds and rain on the road to apathy.

Effort, achievement and success are much harder hills to climb, but well worth the effort. Most of us realize that life is never easy but we do believe in American exceptionalism, the American dream of personal freedom and that we live in the greatest country in the history of the world. We are a large, diverse team with proven credentials, so if you’re fed up with hypocrisy, promises made, promises not kept, fiscal irresponsibility, kicking balls down the road, inferior education and opportunity for our youth and mortgaging our country to future generations, then it truly is time for change.

Let’s get out and vote and then let’s hold our elected officials accountable for their actions.

William B. Tutt

Colorado Springs

Chair empty for six years

Is Doug Lamborn the right choice to continue as the Colorado 5th District’s congressman? Facts and demographics are working against retaining him.

We know for a fact that Lamborn is pro-birth but not pro-life. He’s voted to cut the funding for Women, Infants, & Children (WIC), and the SNAP program (food stamps). El Paso County has the highest child poverty in the state, yet he’s voted to cut funding for programs to relieve this. He says he’s pro-military yet he votes to cut military medical funding and WIC which helps our younger military families through tough times to feed their children. Would you call his positions pro-life?

At the end of Lamborn’s current term, we will have paid him $1,044,000 in salary not including perks or staff and the question is, ”What did we get for our money?” Legislation he originated that’s passed — none.

Where does he stand on women’s issues? We really don’t know because he won’t debate in public. Has he reached out to the Black community, Hispanic community, Asian-Pacific community, the LGBT community, the small business community, and his constituents in particular? In fact, is he in contact with any of these communities? This reminds me of Clint Eastwood’s empty chair. The Colorado District 5’s chair has been empty for six years.

The 5th District deserves better representation than what we’ve been getting from Lamborn. I would like to see our congressman represent us all 100 percent.

Gary Casimir

Colorado Springs

Right choice for the nation

I have followed with interest your recent coverage of the election. However, one key fact has been underemphasized in your reporting. Please remind your readers that our current President has had four years to dig us out of the economic slump, and has not done so. In fact, President Obama’s “spend now, pay later” policies have worsened the recession. Obama has brought us ever-increasing debt and sky-high unemployment.

Mitt Romney has spent his life in business. Romney understands that the road to recovery is to unleash the spirit of American free enterprise. Only by lowering taxes and removing unnecessary regulations can we recover the prosperity and opportunity that should be the birthright of every American.

Mitt Romney is the right choice for our nation.

Michael Stevens

Colorado Springs

Some important context

While you have ably covered the upcoming election, I feel you should better highlight some important context. Four years ago, America faced its greatest economic crisis in generations. Employment was plummeting, and a second Great Depression appeared possible.

Since taking office, President Obama has worked tirelessly to stabilize the economy and rebuild America’s middle-class. This hasn’t always been easy, but we are moving in the right direction. We now have steady job growth, and recovery is underway.

Now Mitt Romney proposes a return to the Bush-era policies of cutting taxes for millionaires and giving freer reign to Wall Street that led us into this mess. This didn’t work before, and it won’t work now.

I urge your readers to vote for Barack Obama.

Andrew Mills

Colorado Springs

Total control of government

As the presidential election nears, we urgently need to ask ourselves one basic question: Is our country ready to accommodate to the possibility of totalitarian authority?

If for example, President Obama is re-elected and the Republicans lose the House of Representatives or fail to gain control of the Senate, this almost automatically guarantees Obama’s selection and confirmation of at least two new, relatively young Supreme Court justices. This then assures Democrat control of the Judicial Branch of our government for decades to come.

As if this isn’t enough, Obama’s reelection will further strengthen the influence of labor unions with the resultant effect of throwing cold water on plans for new business development at all levels. Couple with this, the probability of the Obama-dominated entertainment industry further polluting the minds of our young people. Stir in then the media, who through their left-wing bias, will further corrupt the impressionable flock of welfare dependent sheep that we have become.

 The list goes on and on, but the immediate threat to our two-party political system does not appear to be recognized today by much of the U.S. electorate.

Under this scenario, the term “government gridlock” becomes obsolete. Instead the Democrats will enjoy an unimpeded pathway toward enacting any legislation that appeals to them and that will enhance their strangle hold over our country. No doubt this is what they have been trying to attain for decades, but have the Democrats given any thought to how the consolidation of their power can possibly control our multi-trillion dollar deficit?

Webster defines totalitarianism as “relating to centralized control by an autocratic leader or hierarchy”. Folks, if our country re-elects Obama, in November, we’re already there.

Marvin O. Maul

Colorado Springs

Truth’s become unimportant

I am deeply troubled at the lack of accountability to the truth that occurred at — and after — the presidential debate last week. While Mitt Romney’s performance was strong and convincing, don’t forget: as a CEO, he is valued for his ability to close a deal, truth be damned. Newt Gingrich has said that it’s impossible to debate someone who won’t tell the truth. Spot on. Fact-checkers from the left, middle, and even the right have had a field day with Romney’s playing loose and fast with the truth, that night in particular. Why is it that we don’t see any of that in the newspapers, and very little mention of it on the television news?

Are facts now considered partisan in nature? When did the truth become unimportant? This is huge!

An investigative journalist for ThinkProgress, Igor Volsky identifies 27 myths in the 38 minutes Romney spoke that night. Romney was prepped alright, and much of his data was just complex and technical enough even most experts would have to sit down and research before they could say for certain that his accusations were not true. Very many were not true. Romney’s own campaign explained after the debate that he didn’t really mean to say that his plan would include coverage for pre-existing conditions. It doesn’t. And after a journalist’s repeated inquiries, Romney admitted that he was wrong about saying that half of the alternative energy companies that Obama’s stimulus subsidized went bankrupt. The figure is actually less than 1 percent. And yes, Romney’s tax breaks do favor the rich and do add up to $4.8 trillion loss with no way to pay for them besides firing Big Bird, who gets 1/100th of 1 percent of our budget.

Did the entire GOP flunk math?

For an entertaining read, Google: Politifact (a Pulitzer winner). They have a fact-checking Truth-O-Meter with 6 ratings ranging from “True” to “Pants-on-Fire”.  And yes, Obama’s statements are fact-checked too and they don’t always pass the sniff test either. But by all accounts from even the conservative, right-leaning institutions, like George Mason University, Romney tells lie after lie; he says whatever he thinks we need to hear in order to close his deal.

I find his consistent lack of truthfulness to be very, very disturbing and it indicates a weak moral grounding. Do not trust this man.

Laura Corr

Colorado Springs

George has served community

The Oct. 7 Gazette reported that the Colorado Springs area unemployment rate is still at 9.6 percent with 1,800 more area residents leaving the job market in August. We need to elect representatives who will work for more efficient government and common sense policies to get our economy moving again. Jennifer George is the woman we need to represent us in House District 18. I’ve known her for 14 years, and she has been an active, caring and concerned member of our community. I could not disagree more with Pete Lee’s assertion that she’s “part of the extreme fringe in Colorado.”

Her service on the Board of Goodwill Industries of Colorado Springs, with Junior Achievement, and in D-12 schools, as well as her leadership as Chair the Fine Arts Center Board of Trustees have demonstrated that she knows how to collaborate with a team to make an organization more efficient and more successful — even during tough economic times. Unlike her opponent, Jennifer George knows that what we need is smarter government, not bigger government, to boost job growth in Colorado. Jennifer George has served in our community for 17 years; join me in voting to elect her to serve HD18 in the Colorado statehouse.

Bryan Carr

Colorado Springs

Support for Jennifer George

This election season is noisy, with so many issues barraging us for attention and importance. However, the one issue that screams at me and should call out clearly to all of us, is our nation’s debt crisis and its effects at all levels of government.

Several candidates are also concerned about this issue, but I write today in support of Jennifer George. George is fiscally conservative, competent, circumspect, and thoughtful. These qualities make her the right candidate at the right time for the state of Colorado

George correctly believes that government needs to get out of the way so the human spirit can soar; creating new ideas, new jobs, and strong communities. This small government philosophy is needed as our nation, state, and city all grapple with our crippling debt — debt that will detrimentally affect public safety, infrastructure, and our quality of life. I believe George will be a strong and courageous leader who will make the tough decisions to reduce government regulations and spending, making Colorado stronger, more efficient, and capable of weathering a financial storm.

Please support Jennifer George in the upcoming election. Colorado needs her — now more than ever.

Jill Gaebler

Colorado Springs

Paying for years to come

If you’re going to vote this year, listen up. This may save you a lot of money.

This year you are asked to consider and vote on several very important/expensive issues. If you vote yes on all issues, you may very well be buying something you don’t want and don’t need and will be paying for it for years to come. Don’t vote for a tax increase or extension unless you are sure you can afford it.

 Do you want to contribute to the sheriff to build his police state for a promise of added safety in exchange for your freedom? If you take your car to work, the store and the movies, do you want to pay for more busses? Do you want state officials to be able to hire czars? (No civil service exam and no public approval required. Present law already has a veteran’s preference.) Do you want the government telling you that you cannot support your candidate with your money?

These issues require your approval and, if approved, you will have live with it and pay for it for a long time. Learn the issues and if it doesn’t feel right, vote no.

Bob Mulvaney

Colorado Springs


An independent choice

Voters in Congressional District 5 no longer have to settle for Doug Lamborn’s ineffective “representation.” In six years, Doug has not passed any proposed legislation — he’s zero (0) for 37. But Doug has sponsored/supported legislation that would kill jobs in Colorado that do work on green energy/conservation (Fort Collins) and wind energy (Vestas, multiple locations).

There is a reason that constant incumbent Doug has primary fights — Republicans like myself deserve better. Now is the time for Republicans to think twice about automatically voting for the “R” candidate. This time we have an Independent choice.

Independent candidate Dave Anderson has concrete ideas for keeping jobs in America — and making new ones. Anderson has achievable measures, he doesn’t waste time blathering about issues decided by the Supreme Court, not Congress.

Anderson directs his attention to things that Congress can actually do something about — trade, goods production and energy consumption. I’m voting for effective representation — I’m voting for Dave.

Tim Haley

Colorado Springs

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