Psychic Gushikawa shuffled her Tarot cards, sprayed her head and shoulders with frankincense and myrrh to clear her energy, and contemplated the upcoming presidential election.

The 59-year-old woman, with her calm voice and long dark hair, dealt the cards in a sweeping motion around a small table at the Metaphysical Celebration in downtown Colorado Springs on Monday.

“We’re having a rebirth of our nation,” Gushikawa said, interpreting the cards and describing 2013 as one of economic and international renewal for the United States. “It will take four months time to turn it around, but we’re ready to rise again.”

The woman, who said her name means strong spirited river, looked up from the table.

“What I’m seeing is that we will have (Barack) Obama as the president,” she said.

Some of the psychic readers at the Colorado Springs City Auditorium Monday didn’t want to be as bold as Gushikawa and two others who offered predictions on the Nov. 6 election. A few simply said “no,” another labeled the practice as “hokey,” and a 50-some-year-old gentleman said he had only met one person in his life who could truly predict the future.

Two of the three who enthusiastically took part in the exercise said the cards, stars and other energies point to the re-election of President Obama.

“According to my charts Obama will win,” said Mary R. Jayn, an astrologer from Lakewood.
Jayn said this is the 13th presidential election she has predicted with astrological charts. Her first was in 1964.

“I’ve missed with two out of 12. Those are pretty good odds,” said the self-proclaimed Democrat, noting that she even nailed the controversy-ridden George W. Bush-Al Gore race in 2000.

The only reader who predicted Mitt Romney as the victor in November was Sue Frank of Golden, who not only reads Tarot cards, but also does palm readings and handwriting analysis.

Frank has done readings about the election every day, she said as she shuffled her deck of Tarot cards and began to deal them out. She said results had been leaning in the president’s favor after the Democratic National Convention in early September. But since last week’s debate, “The more positive cards that I see come out for Romney,” she said.

Frank pointed to cards like the Five-of-Swords and The Lovers, noting that the Massachusetts governor is very organized and “feels a sense of freedom to be himself.” She said his confidence and the indication that “Romney is looking forward” will win him the election.

As for Obama, Frank said the president is more focused on the past. She said, “He has left something behind, but he’s not telling anyone.”

Frank and others said results from the politically focussed readings could change tomorrow. That is why she does them every day.

Each of the psychics indicated Monday that not everything has worked out as Obama had predicted before defeating John McCain in 2008. But for the group of readers, things like that don’t always matter.

For instance, Gushikawa said she had the chance to shake President Obama’s hand when he was in Pueblo and it was very telling.

“From shaking his hand with my left hand, which is the closest to my heart, I felt very good about him,” she said.