FORT COLLINS — As time fades, Barb Anderson knows fewer people will recall the worst natural disaster in Colorado history.

But she and other volunteers are determined not to let Coloradans forget the Big Thompson flood, which claimed 144 lives on July 31, 1976.

"We had friends and neighbors who we lost on that day," said Anderson, who barely got out of the Big Thompson Canyon just before the floodwaters hit their home. "And we can't forget them or what their families went through."

"But I know there are people now who say," she said, " 'Well, I didn't know there was a flood here.'"

Anderson is part of the Big Thompson Flood Memorial, which formed on the 25th anniversary of the calamity. On Tuesday at 7 p.m., a ceremony will be held at a stone memorial located 1 mile below Drake and 13 miles west of the Loveland Kmart.

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