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LETTERS: 'Batman massacre'; Mayor Bloomberg and gun control; and more

By: ltr
July 23, 2012

In the absence of a why

After each one of these inexplicable acts of incomprehensible insanity occurs everyone wants to know exactly what were the reasons that caused this person to do what they did. The psychiatrists spin their theories of isolation, abuse, personal failure or whatever the latest causal reason may be, but irrespective of what set of reasons are attributed to this latest perpetrator it doesn’t really matter because our Constitution itself prevents law enforcement from discovering those specific conditions for any other person.

The right to privacy of each citizen of our wonderful representative republic prevents law enforcement from invading our privacy without reasonable cause. This isn’t the Minority Report and people just don’t get arrested for what they are planning to do. So even if this perpetrator “comes clean” with all the reasons why he did this insane deed, what will be gained if there is no legal way to prevent the next occurrence, and there will be one, make no mistake.

No number of concealed carry permit holders will be able to prevent these senseless acts of violence. The only silver lining in these dark clouds of violence is that they only happen once every several years. Chicago, for example, is on a rate this year to exceed the all time murder rate of 80 murders per month set several years ago. Yet no one seems to pay attention until the number of murders per incident reaches the level achieved in the dark movie theatre in Aurora, a few days ago.

Simply stated, there is no why as to why these perpetrators do what they do, and in the absence of a why, they cannot and will not be prevented.

Don Laughlin

Colorado Springs

Punishing everyone else

What a shame that some people including New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg are already exploiting the movie theater shooting tragedy to stoke their long-standing gun ban agendas. Sadly, their warped view is that the heinous actions of one lone nut justify punishing everyone else with a slippery slope of harsh new restrictions on fundamental rights and freedoms. But the tens of millions of peaceable gun owners in this country and our representatives have done nothing wrong. Those who level their vitriol at us can be assured we will fight tooth and nail any attempt to erode our rights.

Gun control is never the answer. Someone intent on harming others will always find a way and it is incredibly naïve to assume any amount of legislation can prevent such attacks. A safer society depends upon empowering citizens to use whatever means available to protect themselves and their loved ones.

Reid Lusk


Please use parent guides

I am in anguish over the movie theater deaths. No one could have predicted an evening at the theater ending that way. Unrelated to the deaths, however, I am at a loss how someone could bring a 6-year-old to a midnight (or any time of day) showing of a PG-13 movie that includes the following descriptions in the parent guide (available online for all movies): “Sexual content, implication of prostitution and a violent prison rape and murder. Scenes of crowds of people being shot. Corpses of soldiers hung from a bridge by their necks. Three on-screen broken neck deaths with sickening sound effects. Parents should note that the entire movie plays out as an extremely intense scene. This is in no way a typical superhero movie. It has the look of a doomsday movie, with hostage situations, the complete absence of law and order, and many disturbingly violent deaths.”

What person, upon reading that parent guide, would feel this is appropriate for a kindergartner? Please use these parent guides before taking a child to the movies. I know we’re all free to raise our kids the way we want to, but is that really how we want to use our freedom? Ultimately, the treatment of children affects us all.

Laurie Gabriel

Colorado Springs

Toll that gun violence takes

I write to you with profound sadness over the “Batman” massacre, where 12 people were killed and 59 injured, making the tragic incident the largest mass shooting in U.S. history.

My heart goes out to all of those who are affected by this tragedy. We simply cannot accept gun violence as a “norm” in our society. I believe it is imperative for our public policy to reflect a commitment to lessening the terrible toll that gun violence takes in so many lives every year.

While the debate over gun violence and gun control can quickly become divisive, we cannot allow a difficult debate to deter us from addressing what is a major public health crisis in the U.S.

The cost of gun violence, in medical costs, costs of the criminal justice system, security requirements and in quality of life reduced by fear of gun violence is difficult to measure.

I believe we can certainly take reasonable, common-sense steps to reduce the likelihood of deaths and injuries due to gun violence.

Let’s reach across the divisive debate around gun control and take small steps to save lives.

Dennis Apuan

Colorado Springs

Sirota is the real snob

Columnist David Sirota (July 21) holds a dangerous and ever-growing misconception about American wealth. He apparently believes all wealth belongs to the government and only they can determine who should have access to it and in what quantities. Sirota claims the extension of the existing tax cuts would “give the wealthy two more butler salaries.”

He uses the word “give” numerous times throughout his column. The truth is that tax cuts don’t give money to anyone. Instead, they confiscate less of the money that household has already earned. And to make it worse, not only does he advance the idea that government and not the individual earned and owns the money, but to inflame class envy and warfare he characterizes families who make $250,000 a year as lavish spenders wasting their money on snobby, liveried servants with silver tea sets. Sirota is the real snob, believing he and others who are socialistically enlightened have more right to the results of private effort than the individual who actually doing the work. I’d write more, but Alfred is here with my tea.

Chad Rueffert

Colorado Springs

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