UPDATE: According to the Teller County Sheriff, the lizard is still missing as of Tuesday morning.

A six-foot-long, 25-pound Nile Monitor lizard is on the loose in Teller County.

Monday around 11:30 a.m., a reverse 911 call was sent to residents in the Woodland West, Westwood Lakes and Rosewood Hills subdivisions to warn them of the black lizard that escaped from its owner.

Sheriff Mike Ensminger said that the lizard has not been reported to have bitten anyone, but that it could become aggressive,  and those with pets and children should be cautious.

“We’re asking people to keep small dogs and cats in a fenced-in area and under a watchful eye when they’re outside,” Ensminger said.

A Teller County official said the lizard broke loose from a nylon cord to which it was attached in the owner’s front yard.

According to Ensminger, the lizard escaped from the Westwood Lakes area. Both animal control and Teller County law enforcement are searching for it.

“Well, it could be loose for a while, especially if it has its freedom,” Ensminger said. “But I understand they do get hungry and thirsty, so it may present itself when it gets into that state, and hopefully we’ll find him then.”

Anyone who sees the lizard is asked to call the Teller County Sheriff’s Office at 687-9652. Another reverse 911 call will be made when the lizard is located, the Sheriff’s Office said.